Month: February 2017

Voice Episode 12 Recap

This episode closes the case of the illegal welfare center that dealt with organ trafficking. Jin Hyeok and Kwon Joo get their trust in each other tested, but will their bond be this easily broken? To top it all, we get another glimpse into Tae Gu’s mind and the way he views those around him. Nam Sang Tae begins a dangerous game, that might cost him his life. EPISODE 12: A CALL FROM THE FIERY PIT Tae Gu receives a call from Nam Sang Tae, who tells him that because of Jin Hyeok he lost his bag with books,...

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Voice Episode 11 Recap

In this episode, we get to see what happened with madam Jang after her disappearance last week. Tae Gu gets too close to Kwon Joo and displays his sick excitement of finally meeting her. The Golden Time team has a lot on their hands, having to deal with Nam Sang Tae, Tae Gu and the case of the week, that might be connected to our main storyline. EPISODE 11 The episode starts with the recap of previous events. Kwon Joo and Violent Crimes detectives chase after CEO Mo and his guests, but are blocked by the guards. CEO Mo wonders...

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