Episode 10 picked up the tension yet again. Tae Gu has a hard time controlling his emotions and the will to kill, murdering another person, who dared to cooperate with the police. Jin Hyeok must save his son from Nam Sang Tae’s hitman, while Kwon Joo goes out alone to investigate club Fantasia, finding more than she bargained for.


Eun Soo goes to the basement archive for hydrochloric acid cases, but they are all gone. She notices that someone else is in the room and indeed Ho Shik steps out before her with the cases she was looking for. Eun Soo wonders how did he get inside. Meanwhile, Kwon Joo tries to figure out why Ho Shik’s voice sounded strange when he apologized to the reporters. One moment he sounded guilty, the next – almost excited as if enjoying the situation.

Jin Hyeok and Dae Shik arrive at the internet café and find the possible culprit. They check the woman in question, but she’s not the one they were looking for. Kwon Joo is certain that the IP address was the right one and suggests to check the SNS, which they do, but it has nothing to do with love8080 user. Hyun Ho figures out the real culprit after getting the right IP address. He informs Kwon Joo about Ho Shik, pointing out that Eun Soo might be in danger.

She updates Jin Hyeok on the situation, telling him that Ho Shik used the internet café’s IP through a router. That’s how he used Kang Mi Sook’s (love8080) account and is online now even though he’s still at the station. Ho Shik is actually a genius hacker with an IQ of 150, who dropped out of school after suffering from paranoia. Jin Hyeok and Dea Shik hurry back to save Eun Soo. Kwon Joo dispatches all available officers to the archive.

Meanwhile, Ho Shik gets out a bottle of acid and comes closer, blaming Eun Soo for ruining his lovely (and nonexistent) relationship with Hyun Ho and making him out to be a lunatic. She manages to turn on her walkie-talkie so that Kwon Joo can listen to their conversation. She hears the sound of someone bumping into a bookshelf and figures out that they must be in the deepest section of the archive based on the sound’s wavelength. Eun Soo asks why is he doing this, so Ho Shik explains to her that he and Hyun Ho got attracted to each other from the start.

Poor Hyun Ho picked up a tool that Ho Shik dropped and got himself in deep sh..trouble. It was love at first sight with sunshine and rainbows on Ho Shik’s side. Eun Soo tries to reason with him, telling him that he’s delusional, especially after hearing what Hyun Ho said about his crazy stalker. Ah, smart move, aggravating a delusional and dangerous person. Ho Shik gets angry, thinking that Hyun Ho is simply being grumpy and actually wants to receive more love from him.

Meanwhile, Jin Hyeok and Dae Shik weren’t far away from the police station and return quickly, meeting  Hyun Ho and other officers outside the archive. Jin Hyeok warns everyone that they are dealing with a mentally unstable person, whose actions are unpredictable, so they better watch out and shoot if the situation gets out of hand. Ho Shik is about to pour the acid on Eun Soo’s face, telling her to be thankful for not doing anything else to her. Jin Hyeok and the gang enter the room and distract Ho Shik.

Eun Soo uses this moment to push him away, making the acid fall on the ground. Ho Shik falls on the floor and acid burns half of his face. Hyun Ho gets Eun Soo out of there, while the detectives arrest Ho Shik, who screams for Hyun Ho to save him, still delusional. Kwon Joo goes to check on Eun Soo, but meets Jin Hyeok and Dae Shik in the hallway. They wonder how many mentally ill people are amongst them, without them knowing. It seems that Ho Shik took Scopolamine to treat himself and later put it in Hyun Ho’s bag. Kwon Joo notes that the more isolated the society becomes, the more crimes there are, committed by mentally disabled people.

Jin Hyeok meets Violent Crimes detectives, who joke that there’s always something going on in the Golden Time Team. Joong Ki tries to get some information about the Surim-dong case from Jin Hyeok, but he ignores the guy and simply tells them to catch Nam Sang Tae, before he runs away overseas. On his way out, Jin Hyeok receives a call from Tabloid, who’s got some news about Kyung Hak.

It appears that he often visited Fantasia, using Nam Sang Tae’s card. Six months ago he got blackmailed with a video of him flirting (maybe more than that) with a woman from that club. Nam Sang Tae ordered the woman to seduce Kyung Hak, who’s currently living separately from his family. Jin Hyeok orders Tabloid to find out what exactly was in that blackmail video or the woman who was involved in it.

Hyun Ho apologizes for putting Eun Soo in danger even though he doesn’t understand why Ho Shik got crazy over him. She thinks that Hyun Ho’s too active and open on his SNS. Kwon Joo comes to check on them, asking if they’re not hurt. She compliments Eun Soo for handling the situation well, but the girl admits to being very frightened. Dae Shik can’t believe what Tabloid found on Kyung Hak, thinking that he still works with the bad guys, but Jin Hyeok thinks otherwise. Everything will get cleared up when they meet that blackmailing girl.

Jin Hyeok’s son Dong Woo calls to tell about dad’s awesome friend, who brought him a gift while he was asleep. We see Tae Gu enter the hospital room with a present. He tells the kid that his dad was very surprised yesterday, so he better be good to him. Jin Hyeok gets alarmed after hearing that and asks if there are nurses or helpers around, but no one’s currently there. Dong Woo wants to open his present, but Jin Hyeok asks to wait until he arrives and not hang up the phone. He leaves Dae Shik behind in case something happens at the station and leaves.

Nam Sang Tae’s hitman arrives at the hospital and enters Dong Woo’s room, scaring him. He screams for his dad, but the call gets disconnected. Jin Hyeok doesn’t waste a second and calls the hospital, informing them about a suspicious man in his son’s room. Dong Woo hides under his bed, while the hitman goes to get him, seeming quite relaxed, mind you. Jin Hyeok informs Kwon Joo about the situation and she sends the nearest patrol to the hospital.

The nurse arrives at Dong Woo’s room with two security guards, who try to stop the assassin, but he’s too good of a fighter. He gets out a knife and stabs one guard in the chest, beating up the second one. Having gathered so much attention, the hitman runs away in a hurry, while the nurse tries to calm Dong Woo, who’s currently crying. Poor kid. She calls Jin Hyeok to tell him that his son is unharmed and asks him to hurry to the hospital.  More security guards chase after the hitman, but he gets away, running out on the street. Jin Hyeok arrives at the hospital and Kwon Joo directs him to the other exit, checking the security cameras. He sees the hitman and gives chase.

Tae Gu is driving in a car, as he remembers how he visited Dong Woo. He came in the room and put the present away, then creepily touched sleeping Dong Woo’s face. It seems that he had one of his psychotic relapses and left, smiling like a creep.

Nam Sang Tae and his minion wait outside of Fantasia for Tae Gu, who arrives later. It appears that CEO Mo has a meeting with the government official – director Kwon, minister Kim, Tae Gu. Madam Jang’s serving them personally.  Kwon is very nervous because of the minister, but CEO Mo tells him to relax; he met minister Kim while going to church, but they’re not that close, so he shouldn’t feel pressured. He tells them about his favorite Biblical character – Jacob. CEO Mo prayed to be just as blessed as him and his prayers were answered.

When asked about their company’s philosophy, Tae Gu replies “Consider yourself a failing grain of wheat and look after the poor and weak”. Hearing those words from his is laughable. CEO Mo requests their support because his rivals are giving him a hard time. Minister Kim replies that it’s not for him to decide, pointedly looking at director Kwon, who finally gives in and agrees to cooperate. Madam Jang goes out to bring them more dishes and alcohol.

Tae Gu goes to meet with Sang Tae, who’s waiting for him at Fantasia’s emergency staircase.  He’s pretty pissed off that Sang Tae dared to order him around, but lets it slide, telling him to just go to Japan quietly. Sang Tae thinks what he received is not enough and requests more money. Tea Gu calls him a dog that bites his own master, but Sang Tae threatens him, by saying that a master who abandoned his own dog won’t be safe. He asks why Tay Gu visited Dong Woo in the hospital? Is it because he needs a new toy to play? And that guy is basically digging his own grave at this point.

Madam Jang is in another room near the staircase and calls Kwon Joo about Nam Sang Tae, having seen him earlier. She tells her to come quickly, she’ll be waiting in the office. What madam Jand doesn’t know, is that Tae Gu overheard the whole conversation. That’s why you need to close the doors. He comes inside with a murderous smile on his face.

Kwon Joo leaves the center and goes to Fantasia. Alone. Again. Thankfully Sang Pil dispatches a patrol division there as well. Meanwhile, Jin Hyeok is fighting with the hitman at Sunwun’s port. Kwon Joo arrives at Fantasia and goes inside to search for madam Jang. She carefully proceeds through the dark corridor outside of Jang’s office. Something’s definitely wrong here, the lights are off and there’s a trail of blood on the floor. Kwon Joo informs the Center about the situation, noting that Jin Hyeok isn’t answering the radio.

He’s currently too preoccupied with the hitman on his end.  Dae Shik goes to find Jin Hyeok, while Kwon Joo proceeds to the office with her gun at the ready. She checks inside, but no one’s there. The blood trail leads her to the bar stand, where she finds an eyeball inside an ice bucket and madam Jang’s phone. She immediately requests for backup. Another verse from the Bible is written on the wall in blood – “John 9:41 – If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.”

Kwon Joo suddenly hears heavy footsteps and snickering just outside the office. She goes to check it out, scared out of her wits, but relaxes when the patrol officers arrive. Fantasia’s manager gets informed about the situation and orders to let the VIPs go quietly without the police knowing. Violent Crimes Unit arrives at the scene. Kyung Hak receives a suspicious phone call, but we don’t get to hear what it’s about. Kwon Joo requests CCTV recordings and a list of visitors from the manager, who promises to cooperate. Dae Shik arrives at the port and goes searching for Jin Hyeok.

CEO Mo continues the meeting, Tae Gu’s there as well, having returned recently. One of the guards arrives and explains the situation, requesting for them to leave quickly.  Customers on the second floor are causing a commotion, so Kyung Hak and Joong Ki go there to resolve the conflict. Kwon Joo checks the third floor, looking for anything suspicious. She hears the same snickering from before and notices someone getting escorted out of the meeting room. She goes there immediately, demanding an explanation from the manager.

She hears footsteps and goes to the emergency exit, but security blocks her way. Kwon Joo calls Kyung Hak and together with other detectives they get through to the parking lot. The VIP get to their cars and drive off, but Tae Gu lingers, taking a look at the approaching police officers. They get blocked by the guards yet again, unable to stop the VIPs. Tae Gu gets a last long stare at Kwon Joo, before getting in the car and driving away. Meanwhile, Jin Hyeok is about to get stabbed in the throat by the hitman.


The idea of madam Jang being the next victim never crossed my mind. I thought that she would work with the bad guys, but to have her call Kwon Joo was unexpected. Tae Gu’s mental health keeps getting worse, which leads to him making more mistakes. He left fingerprints on Dong Woo’s present, though whether they check it or not is a question.

The more they show Tae Gu, the crazier he appears. What’s with Nam Sang Tae’s words about him wanting another toy and Tae Gu’s reaction towards Dong Woo. Don’t tell me he kidnaps kids and plays around with them. That would be too much even for me. I also find it disturbing that he keeps collecting body parts of his victims. It always leads me to the thought that Tae Gu will cut off Kwon Joo’s ears as a keepsake, especially after the stare he gave her. I hope to never see something like that in this drama, though.

I didn’t quite like how Eun Soo handled the situation with Ho Shik, angering him even more. She’s working at an Emergency Call Center, one would think she’d know how to calm a person. I’ll give her some slack since she’s still technically a rookie at this job and in such a scary and unpredictable situation you never know how you’ll behave.