After OCN’s hit drama Voice completed its run, Kim Jae Wook told the reporters that his appearance in the drama made a positive impact on his acting career. The viewers rated his acting highly as the serial psychopathic killer Mo Tae Gu. Thanks to the drama many of his fans rediscovered him as an actor.

In a recent interview he commented about it: “I have been hearing about my rediscovery as an actor for the past 10 years”. The first drama that brought him major spotlight was Coffee Prince. Kim Jae Wook thanked his fans for positive reviews and said: “I’m always grateful when people praise my acting, but, as I already mentioned earlier, I constantly hear about a new rediscovery of my acting, so in terms of that nothing much changed after Voice. However I was pleased to hear comments such as I think of Kim Jae Wook as Mo Tae Gu. It really seems like I was recognized as an actor this time.”

It’s a bit sad how Kim Jae Wook doesn’t get many roles in dramas. I think he’s tired of hearing about his “new rediscovery”, when the guy has been acting for years. I’m guessing he wants to hear about his growth as an actor instead of the constant rediscovery comments. It’s like they never acknowledged him as an actor and constantly forget about him and then rediscover him again. That must’ve been frustrating to deal with. Hopefully after Voice he’ll get more recognition for his outstanding acting.

Here’s another interview from Voice ‘s special episode:

Hello. I’m Kim Jae Wook who playd the character of Mo Tae Gu in the drama Voice.

Q. How did you imagine Mo Tae Gu after the first script reading?

A. I thought of him as an egoist who hides a hideous, terrifying and eccentric personality behind his perfect image.

Q. Why did you decide to take the role?

A. The scripts for the first four episodes was interesting and I thought that this could end up being quite a good drama. After meeting the writer, I thought that it would be interesting to add more layers to the character, to complete his personality with some unique traits. I only saw the script for the first four episode and, even though I didn’t see my lines at the time, I decided to take the role of Mo Tae Gu.

Q. Viewers went crazy because of you, calling Mo Tae Gu sexy.

A. Thanks you. Laughs. It wasn’t intentional. When we discussed the character of Tae Gu, the writer asked me to play him as classy and gracefully as possible. When Mo Tae Gu is ready to go on a killing spree, he seems scary, very scary. How should I describe him? He’s not only cruel and disgusting, but there’s also something attractive in him, like in a mummy. One could call him a cruel mummy.

What a way to describe him, huh? 😀