Month: April 2017

Mystery Queen OST Part 2: 디에이드 (The Ade) – 하루(A Day)

The second OST for Mystery Queen has been released on the 27th of April. It’s a calm song called A Day by the indie band The Ade (formerly known as Acoustic Collabo) that consists of the main female vocalist Ahn Da Eun and the guitarist Kim Seung Jae. They have released OSTs for other dramas like High Society and Unkind Women, so they aren’t rookies in the field. A Day is a comforting song that carries a great message about enduring the hardships of your lonely day as you walk towards the light, towards your dream on your lone...

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Chicago Typewriter OST Part 4: Kevin Oh (케빈오) – Be My Light

The fourth OST for Chicago Typewriter was released just yesterday, on the 29th of April. Kevin Oh was the winner of Superstar K 7 last year and this time as well he showcased his talent with Be My Light. It is a theme song of our lovely ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh and his feelings towards Jeon Seol and how much he cherishes her. The gentle song highlights that the precious relationships between the leads in the past have traversed time and continue to blossom in the...

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Chicago Typewriter OST Part 2: 백예린 (Yerin Baek) – 아주 오래된 기억 (Blooming Memories)

Chicago Typewriter dropped its second OST at the 15th of April and this time it’s a lighter song. Baek Yerin’s Blooming Memories is the theme song for the memories of the past life of the three main characters. It’s a lovely melody that expresses the feelings of love and friendship the main characters shared in the past. The song is lovely and light, but also has a sad, melancholic undertone to it, just like a precious memory of something that you’ll never experience...

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Chicago Typewriter OST Part 1: 솔튼페이퍼 (SALTNPAPER) – Satellite (위성)

The first OST for Chicago Typewriter was released on the 8th of April and immediately became a hit. SALTNPAPER was a well-known band on its own, but this song surely added a lot of mainstream popularity. I believe that every good drama should have at least one iconic OST. Satellite is one such song that defines the feel of the drama perfectly. Every time I listen to it, the song reminds me of Chicago Typewriter and every time I watch or think about the drama, this is the song that comes to...

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