In this episode, we find out what happened with the young Park Kwang Ho after his disappearance. The cases and people involved in them get even more tangled up. Kwang Ho can’t keep his identity secret anymore as more and more people find out who he really is. Jae Yi remembers a crucial moment from her childhood, giving us a clue about her past and her birth mother specifically.


Park88 is chased by a car on the streets of Seoul. He remembers how a man injected something into his neck before he ran away. The other car aggressively chases Park88, who’s vision gets blurry and his car falls off a cliff. The chaser sees Park88 getting out of his car and runs after him into the woods.

Park88’s hides behind a tree, his leg injured, but hears footsteps and decides to carefully look around. That’s when his chaser attacks him from behind and starts choking the poor guy. Park88 struggles with all his might, but is overpowered by the attacker, who leaves after killing the man.

Sun Jae arrives at the scene to look at the car of Park88 and finds his dead body, ID card and driver’s license in the woods nearby. Needless to say, he’s pretty shocked. Meanwhile, Kwang Ho and Sung Shik are also in the area, searching for Park88. They ask the locals, but nothing comes up. Sun Jae stays in the woods until late, wondering why Park88’s body is so far away from the car if it was an accident.

He suddenly hears footsteps behind him and quickly points his gun at the man, but it’s only doctor Mok. Sun Jae asked him to come earlier. Doctor asks if he identified the body and Sun Jae explains that everything they see here needs to stay a secret between them for a while. Dr. Mok seems reluctant at first but agrees on the condition that he’ll get an explanation later. Sun Jae asks him to find out who this man is and the cause of death.

Kwang Ho goes back with Sung Shik, wondering if something happened to Park88 and if he’ still alive. He suddenly asks Sung Shik to stop the car to buy some dumplings, lending some money from Sung Shik. Later that evening he pays a visit to Jae Yi, asking if she had dinner and offering dumplings. She eventually lets him in after a failed attempt to close the door on him.

Kwang Ho explains that he thought she’d skip dinner because it’s difficult to cook with her hand in such a state. Jae Yi doesn’t like dumplings and refuses to eat them, but Kwang Ho reprimands her for being so picky with food. Who will ever marry her when she’s like that. Kwang Ho asks if Sun Jae knows that they are living in the same house and tells her to keep it a secret in case he misunderstands.

He suddenly notes how the two of them match so well and even adds that they should get married. Jae Yi has had it with his nonsense and leaves him alone to eat the dumplings. Kwang Ho remembers that Yeon Sook used to like them a lot. When he returns home that night, he dials her old nonexistent number and asks how she’s doing.

We get a flashback of Yeon Sook as she’s knitting baby clothes while talking with her yet unborn child. She says that the baby’s father used to call her all the time, so she always had coins in her pocket. In the present Kwang Ho explains to her that he got a cell phone now. Yeon Sook tells her baby that Kwang Ho looked for payphones every time he went on a business trip and now that she has her baby he’d call her even more if he could.

Meanwhile, Kwang Ho tells her that he doesn’t need to look for any payphones now and can call her anytime. He asks her to wait for him a bit more because he will definitely go back. The two end up crying in their different timelines, but it feels like they really had a conversation with each other.

The next morning Sun Jae remembers how Kwang Ho denied being the Park Kwang Ho that was transferred to the station. He gets a call from Dr. Mok and goes to visit him at the forensics center. The doctor doesn’t know what to make of the fact that the body they found is off Park Kwang Ho. He tells Sun Jae that the guy was choked to death.

Doctor asks if Park88’s death is somehow related to the Kwang Ho they know, but Sun Jae says they need to first find out who he really is before making any judgments. He makes one of the forensics identify Kwang Ho’s fingerprints from his car, but they aren’t in the database. It’s very suspicious because they take your fingerprints when you get an ID, so every citizen should have them in the database.

Kwang Ho arrives at the police station and asks if Sung Shik has identified the owner of the car that was chasing after Park88. Min Ha checked the license plate number, but the car must be unregistered because nothing came up. The other asks why won’t the two of them share what they’re investigating and Sun Jae finds it suspicious that they won’t say a thing.

Kwang Ho asks why he’s staring at him so much, asking to be nice to him since they are partners. Sun Jae answers that that’s the problem, they are partners yet Sun Jae doesn’t even know who he is. Kwang Ho doesn’t understand what he means by that and hurriedly leaves with Sung Shik, making the others wonder why they’re always together.

Sung Shik explains about unregistered cars to Kwang Ho and suggests checking the people Park88 called the day he went missing. Sun Jae looks though Kwang Ho’s drawers once more and finds a case from his new cell phone. He checks the cell phone user’s name and it ends up being Sung Shik.

Sun Jae wonders why would the chief give Kwang Ho a new phone and remembers him calling Kwang Ho sunbae-nim, which still doesn’t make any sense. He goes to look through the chief’s desk as well, making the others question what’s gotten into him. Tae Hee tries to stop him, but Sun Jae continues his search and finds Kwang Ho’s address.

Sung Shik and Kwang Ho go to Park88’s hometown where he used a phone booth to call someone. This was his last trackable location before his cell phone got turned off. Sun Jae finds Kwang Ho’s house and goes inside because the front door is open. There he finds things that belong to Park88.

Sung Shik and Kwang Ho ask around the neighborhood and one of the grandmas tells them that a woman named Kim Bok Soon might’ve called Park88, but she died a month ago. After Park88’s parents died she raised him like her own child, but he didn’t even show up when she died. Kwang Ho and Sung Shik check her house and wonder if someone called Park88 to tell him that Kim Bok Soon died. As they leave the camera pans out and we see Park88’s phone lying in a pile of leaves.

They visit one of Park88’s friends who used to also prepare for the police examination but didn’t pass unlike him. The guy tells them that Park88 wanted to investigate some case after being assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit, but seemed to regret it later. Sun Jae meets up with Dr. Mok and tells him about Kwang Ho’s missing fingerprints. Doc wonders if he could have a canceled domicile, but there should’ve been some records left yet there are none.

Sun Jae goes to Park88’s Patrol Division station to asks his former coworkers about him. They tell him that a man came earlier and asked about Park88 as well. That’s when Kwang Ho and Sung Shik arrive there as well, meeting Sun Jae inside. He asks what they’re doing here and Kwang Ho lies that it’s his former workplace. They try to get out of the situation by saying that someone was using Kwang Ho’s identity so they tried to investigate it.

Sun Jae pretends to buy the story and tells Kwang Ho to investigate it with him instead of bothering the chief. He takes the call history and drives away before telling Kwang Ho to meet up tomorrow. Sun Jae wonders why they tried to find out Park88’s whereabouts when the guy is already dead. He goes to Jae Yi to ask for her opinion.

She thinks that there aren’t enough reasons to doubt Kwang Ho. There’s no reason for him to look for Park88 if he really killed the guy. Jae Yi says that if Sun Jae really believed that Kwang Ho was a person who could kill someone then he would’ve gone to arrest him already instead of asking her opinion on the matter.

The next morning Sun Jae comes to pick Kwang Ho up and they go to investigate one of the people Park88 contacted the day he died. Meanwhile, Jae Yi returns the homework to her students. One of them received an A+ for focusing on the murderer’s reason for taking stockings as a murder weapon.

The student explains that she chose stockings because they seemed less cruel than other weapons and no fingertips could be left on them, but when she tried to choke herself with them it wasn’t that easy. She thinks that the murderer’s motive must not be the murder itself, but the pleasure he gets from prolonging the victims’ struggles. Jae Yi says that such a murderer exists in South Korea, but they haven’t arrested him yet.

Sung Shik is worried because he can’t reach both Sun Jae and Kwang Ho. Meanwhile, they are meeting one of Park88’s acquaintances, but he obviously doesn’t recognize our Kwang Ho. The man actually didn’t know Park88 personally and just called him because the guy’s car was blocking his. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho ask where it was and he tells them about a nearby karaoke place, where they go next.

The owner’s not around so Sun Jae goes downstairs to look for him, making Kwang Ho anxious because of his sudden interest in this case. Sun Jae left his phone and Kwang Ho answers his father’s call. He introduces himself as Sun Jae’s colleague and notes how the father’s voice is familiar. Just then both Sun Jae and the karaoke owner come back one after the other.

They ask the owner why did Park88 come here and he tells them that the guy asked about a very old incident – a woman who died in a tunnel 30 years ago. It appears that the victim, Jin Seon Mi, was the karaoke owner’s sister. Park88 asked if he knew a possible suspect since there were no records left about the case.

He was also looking for some man and was planning to return to the karaoke, but didn’t. Kwang Ho is shocked to find out about it and thinks that this must’ve been the reason they met. Sun Jae doesn’t understand a word he’s saying and demands an explanation, but Kwang Ho silently runs out.

Jae Yi is looking through Jung Ho Young’s case files. She organized her own board of evidence and notes how all the victims looked similar and wore skirts. She turns on the recording of Lee Sun Ok, the woman from episode 2, who knew Hwang Choon Hee, who worked at a café with her. It was the second victim of our serial killer.

The two women used to call each other quite often and one day Choon Hee told her that some man said she’d look great in a skirt. It was strange because she always wore pants and after a few days later she was found dead when she wore a skirt.

Kwang Ho returns to the police station looking for Sung Shik who’s not there. An officer arrives to tell the chief about Park88’s car from the wanted list. They found it and Kwang Ho runs out to go to the scene. Sun Jae follows him closely in his car.

When Kwang Ho arrives, he immediately goes to check Park88’s car, wondering where the owner could be. Suddenly Sun Jae appears beside him, asking if he is looking for the real Park Kwang Ho. He confronts Kwang Ho, demanding to know his real identity and asking if he’s the one who killed Park88.

The news shock Kwang Ho, but he’s given no time to dwell on it as Sun Jae puts handcuffs on him, arresting him for the murder of Park88. Kwang Ho has no other choice but to tell Sun Jae that he came from the past, which of course sounds incredible.

Meanwhile, Jae Yi asked Hye Won to search for information about Hwang Choon Hee, the maniac’s second victim. Hye Won asked her police acquaintance for help, but no information came up about the woman. Jae Yi thinks that Lee Sun Ok isn’t the type of person that would lie about something like that though.

Sun Jae’s dad comes home and finds his unconscious wife on the floor. He brings her to the hospital, but her condition is still unclear. Kwang Ho tries to explain the situation to Sun Jae as they are heading to the police station. Sun Jae obviously doesn’t believe his story, but he also isn’t all convinced that Kwang Ho is a criminal. He asks Kwang Ho to present him some proof so that he can believe him and Kwang Ho mentions that Sun Shik can verify his identity.

Meanwhile, Jae Yi tried calling Sun Jae, but he doesn’t pick up. She later goes to the Chinese restaurant where Kwang Ho bought the dumplings for her. Jae Yi orders the same dumplings and, as she takes a bite, she remembers that some woman fed them to her when she was a little girl. She seems surprised at this newly recovered memory.

Sun Jae brings handcuffed Kwang Ho to the police station, surprising everyone. Sung Shik asks the other officers to leave the three of them alone. Sun Jae confronts the chief, asking if he helped cover up Kwang Ho and his criminal deeds.

Sung Shik is shocked to hear that Park88 has been murdered and in a desperate attempt to explain who Kwang Ho is he takes out the old photo of their team from 30 years ago. He explains that Kwang Ho was his boss back then. Sun Jae is skeptical, but one look at the photo shocks him enough. He just stands there silently trying to comprehend the situation.

Suddenly Sun Jae’s dad comes to the police station, looking for his son. The man takes one look at Kwang Ho and immediately recognizes him as the detective that investigated his first wife’s murder case. Everyone is shocked at the sudden development and realization dawns on Kwang Ho that Sun Jae is the little son of Seo Yi Soo and Kim Hwan.


This episode has significantly picked up the pace as the story took a leap towards awesomeness. I was afraid about Sun Jae figuring out Kwang Ho’s identity because of the possible misunderstandings that might happen. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the writers made it seem. Everyone stayed in character and this reveal moved the plot in a right direction.

Now that Sun Jae knows who Kwang Ho really is there’s no reason to keep any other secrets from each other. They can finally become partners that fully trust one another. I loved how Sun Jae didn’t jump to conclusions about Kwang Ho being the killer. Even though he had his doubts, it’s pretty obvious that Sun Jae didn’t believe that Kwang Ho could be a criminal let alone a murderer.


Jae Yi was the voice of reason for Sun Jae in this episode. I like how she analyzed the situation about Kwang Ho and the stolen identity. She also made Sun Jae trust his own judgement and take everything in a bit more calmly. Now that we saw a part of her childhood memory makes me even more suspicious about her parentage.

The possibility of her being the daughter of Kwang Ho and Yeon Sook seems plausible now, even though I’m not sure if it’s necessary to go that far. Nonetheless, I like how her relationship with Kwang Ho is also slowly progressing. It just makes me happy that she has more people to talk to since she usually is quite lonesome.