This episode has even more surprises waiting for Kwang Ho. The good guys prepare a massive operation to catch Jung Ho Young, who end up being smarter and sneakier. Jae Yi learns an important lesson today and gets a reality check that might get her killed.


The episode starts with Dr. Mok happily taking a walk and enjoying the sunlight. He narrates that there are some people who hide in the light and not in darkness.

4 months ago. Dr. Mok is examining the victim from our first episode – Kim Min Ja, who was the survival of the Hwayang murder case 30 years ago. He notices the dots on her heel and his face falls. He remembers how 30 years ago he checked if she was dead. There’s no mistaking it any longer, he’s the killer Kwang Ho must catch.

He laughs as realization dawns on him that Min Ja survived back then. His smile falls as he asks if “he” wants to play a game with him. Who the hell is he talking about is a mystery, might be Sun Jae, Kwang Ho or both. We switch the scene to Dr. Mok branding his seventh victim. He says that he has responded to the game.

Back in the present, another dead body is found with eight dots this time. It’s the woman Dr. Mok killed in the last episode. Kwang Ho, Sun Jae and Jae Yi arrive at the scene and immediately notice the dots on the victim’s heel. There’s one thing that doesn’t add up. There are eight dots, but the seventh victim wasn’t found yet. Jae Yi finds it strange that there were no dots on Jung Ho Young’s victims, but Kwang Ho thinks that he must’ve thought that no one would recognize them since thirty years have passed. After he was reminded of the past, Jung Ho Young must’ve started to brand his victims again.

Dr. Mok arrives at the crime scene, surprising everyone. He wanted to check something and looks at the victim’s heel, confirming that there are dots on it. He shows our trio the medical examination note about the Haein River murder case. It appears that there were seven dots on the Yoon Da Young’s heel. That offers the possibility that there might be another killer aside from Jung Ho Young.

Kwang Ho protests the idea, saying that Dr. Mok can say such things because he doesn’t know the bastard as much as he does. Sun Jae also agrees, saying that it’s a farfetched idea. Dr. Mok seems almost disappointed that they are basically equaling him to Jung Ho Young. He says that only Jae Yi agrees with him then.

Sung Shik, Min Ha and Tae Hee arrive at the scene as well, blaming themselves for letting another murder happen because they failed to catch Jung Ho Young yesterday. Sung Shik gets a call from the higher ups since word got out that the investigation team that was formed for Jung Ho Young’s case was not effective. Min Ha and Tae Hee are busy questioning witnesses. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho go to the victim’s, Nam Ju Hee’s house, to inform her parents of her death. It appears that the girl went out to meet her friends and didn’t return home.

The investigation becomes district-wide as all the police officers search the area for Jung Ho Young. His face is all over the news and fliers that the police distributed and they even issued a reward for anyone who provides information about his whereabouts. Kwang Ho thinks that Jung Ho Young hid in a familiar place or someone is helping him hide. They decide to check his family. Sung Shik reprimands Sun Jae for not reporting it when Jung Ho Young called him. He asks to do this right since they are a team and everyone wants to catch the criminal as much as he does.


Kwang Ho asks what did Jung Ho Young say to him and he explains that Jae Yi’s life was threatened. She is currently at the university, wondering why only those two victims have dots on their heels. Jae Yi shows the photos of the last three murdered girls to Hye Won. At first, she thought that they were all victims of Jung Ho Young, but two of them had a mark on the heel.

Hye Won explains that there are three most important elements to pay attention to while analyzing a serial killer. It’s connections with the victims, the killing method, and geographic traits. Except for Jung Ho Young’s wife all other victims share the same elements. It’s strange that only those two are different. Jae Yi asks if it’s possible that there is another killer. If Jung Ho Young is not the one who killed these two girls, then that means that he isn’t the killer from 30 years ago.

Dr. Mok is doing an autopsy on his last victim and says that she shouldn’t have gone out so late at night. He wonders if they caught on yet since he was kind enough to give them a hint about two murderers. Dr. Mok is suddenly interrupted by Kwang Ho and Sun Jae, who came to ask with what kind of thing the killer marks his victims. He suggests that it might’ve been a tattoo needle or a fountain pen. Kwang Ho finds the second option ridiculous, making the doc smile. He did use a fountain pen to mark his victims.

Kwang Ho asks the doc to find out where the ink was made and what ingredient it has. Dr. Mok continues to try and persuade the two that there might be a second killer, but when he asks Sun Jae’s opinion, he disagrees. He explains that the fact that the dots reappeared could be because of him. Kwang Ho leaves them alone as they go to talk. Sun Jae explains that the reason he tries so hard to catch the culprit is because his mother was killed by him 30 years ago. The doctor is surprised to hear that, wondering how something like that could’ve happened.

After Kwang Ho and Sun Jae leave, Dr. Mok plays chess. He remembers how Sun Jae’s mom pleaded for her life because she had a child at home. He says that now he feels bad and wonders why did they have to cross paths. Dr. Mok says that there’s something Sun Jae doesn’t know – that his mother wasn’t a good person.

 Kwang Ho and Sun Jae go to meet Jung Ho Young’s sister, Jung Hye Ji, but she won’t open the door or answer their calls. A neighbor ajumma tells them that she ran away. Everybody knew that her brother was a murderer and bullied her, so she moved. They go to meet with Jung Ho Young mother,  who’s currently busy fending off the reporters near her house.

She says that she doesn’t have a son and to leave her alone, but invites Kwang Ho and Sun Jae inside after confirming that they are from the police. She says that Jung Ho Young didn’t contact her, so they should leave since she doesn’t know anything. Kwang Ho asks if Jung Ho Young’s alibi was a lie when he was taken as a suspect 30 years ago. She lets it slip that indeed he didn’t have an alibi, but quickly retreats to another room, refusing to say anything else.

Meanwhile, Jung Ho Young, wearing a helmet, goes into a convenience store to buy ramen and sees the news where his mother cries out that she doesn’t have a son. His eyes fill with rage and he steals a phone from the cashier.

Our five detectives spend the late evening at the police station, sharing information. Suddenly Sun Jae gets a call from Jung Ho Young. Jae Yi came at the station at the right time and listens on the conversation. Jung Ho Young is angry that Sun Jae and Kwang Ho visited his mother. He asks why aren’t they doing anything about the two dead bodies that they found. Jung Ho Young says that he didn’t kill them, but no one believes him.

Suddenly Jae Yi tells him that she believes him. Jung Ho Young is surprised to hear a new let alone female voice. He asks who she is and Jae Yi answers that she’s the only person who believes him. He’s a show-off, so if he really killed the two women and marked them with dots on their heels, he would’ve already told everyone about it.

She asks him head one when was the first time he killed, why does the other killer use similar methods and why he’s so obsessed with women in skirts. Jae Yi says that it must’ve been because of his mother, in fact, he called today because of her too. That seems to affect Jung Ho Young, as he remembers how his mother treated him as a lesser human being when she admitted him to the mental hospital.

Jae Yi asks if all this time he wasn’t killing strangers, but none other than his mother. Spot on! Jung Ho Young asks if she is prof. Shin Jae Yi? We get a flashback that it was him who stalked her house before. When Jae Yi confirms her identity, he hangs up. Everyone is surprised that Jung Ho Young knows her identity. Kwang Ho doesn’t understand why she insists that there might be two murderers.

He’s being pretty harsh, by saying that she doesn’t even care about the victims and their families and is only using this chance to write her research paper. Jae Yi, in turn, asks if she has to know how the victims felt when catching the culprit is all that matters. Kwang Ho gets very emotional as he answers that their main job is to save people’s lives and only then to catch criminals.

If Jung Ho Young kills another person because of her provocation, then she’ll be responsible for that death. Jae Yi seems deeply affected by his words. Min Ha comes to inform everyone that they tracked the culprit’s location. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho go to the convenience store where Jung Ho Young stole the phone. They find it in a pile of trash nearby.

Jae Yi arrives home and thinks back at what Kwang Ho told her earlier. Sun Jae drops off Kwang Ho near his house and asks him to apologize to Jae Yi, but he refuses, calling her a cold-blooded robot. Jae Yi receives a call from Sun Jae, who apologizes on Kwang Ho behalf, explaining that he has his own reasons to behave like that. She wonders if he also has a family member that won’t ever come back, but Sun Jae says that he’s the one who can’t come back.

The next day Sun Jae and Kwang Ho visit doctor Mok, who has the results for the ink used to mark the victims. It contains asbestos talc, that was banned for import in 2003. There was only one domestic manufacturing company that produced it – Shinhae Chemicals. Kwang Ho finds the name familiar and remembers that Jung Ho Young’s parents were photographed near that company.

Meanwhile, Jae Yi has a lecture about serial killers’ narcissistic traits. She mentions such famous criminals like Zodiac, Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam. What all of them had in common were their own confessions to satisfy their narcissistic desires or mess up the investigation. Jae Yi says that it’s important to find the motive and look in the opposite direction the killer wants you to look, but there are also exceptions.

She shows the students a letter that was sent by a murderer, who claimed to have killed two women by accident. He even described where to find the bodies and it ended up being the truth. That is why it is sometimes important to trust the killer’s words.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae try to talk with Jung Ho Young’s mother again, asking her if her husband, Jun Byung Chul, was the CEO of Shinhae Chemicals. She confirms that he inherited it from his father. Jung Ho Young used to visit that place quite often. The woman finally tells them about another factory where her son might’ve gone.

Sun Jae, now back at the station, calls Jae Yi to inform her that they found the place where Jung Ho Young might be hiding. Everyone at the police station is looking at the blueprint of the factory to figure out the escape routes Jung Ho Young might use. They carefully plan the operation and go straight away to capture the culprit.

Meanwhile, Jae Yi visits Dr. Mok, who’s surprised to see her. She wants to ask his opinion about the two recent victims that had the dotted marks. The doctor says that Sun Jae planned to capture Jung Ho Young and ask him directly, but Jae Yi thinks they won’t be able to capture him by raiding his hiding place. She thinks that the best way is to make him come out on his own. Dr. Mok agrees that they should set up a trap, but a good bait is necessary. She thanks him for the idea and leaves, leaving him curious.

Everyone at the police station takes their guns and leaves for the factory. Jae Yi dresses up and applies makeup, planning to act as bait for Jung Ho Young. Very smart…you’re not going to inform anyone? She takes her whistle as well.

Kwang Ho asks Sun Jae about Yeon Ho and he answers that she was adopted and went to England, but there are no other news so far. Sun Jae’s friend is trying to contact her adoptive parents and will call after he gets more information. Kwang Ho is determined to catch Jung Ho Young and go back today, but Sun Jae wonders if it’s possible to go back to 1986 at all. Kwang Ho tells him not to jinx it, but Sun Jae explains that he’s just sad, that’s all.

They arrive near the factory and regroup, before going inside. Kwang Ho notices the smell of cigarettes and informs the others, as they prepare to strike on the count of three. All they find is two student chilling near a fire, who have no idea who Jung Ho Young is.

Jae Yi drives to a secluded road near a forest. She suddenly gets a call from someone named Kate, possibly an acquaintance from England. The woman asks if the name Park Yeon Ho sounds familiar to her and Jae Yi is surprised that someone would know her real name. The woman explains that she received a phone call from South Korea, so there must be someone looking for her. Jae Yi wonders who could it be, but decides to think about it later as she gets out of the car.

Dr. Mok watches a news program where Jae Yi gives an interview about Jung Ho Young’s motive, purpose and his next crime’s possible location. She says that the criminal frequently murdered people near Route 47, because he used his car. If he were to commit another murder, it would be in a less familiar area, because his favorite place got known to the public.

Jae Yi tells the reporters that serial killers tend to focus on their residential area as they continue to kill. She shows Jung Ho Young’s next crime site on the map. Something tells me, she did this to lure him out there. They play Jung Ho Young’s favorite song and Dr. Mok asks to turn up the volume as if he knows the song. It seems he also understood that she decided to become the bait and calls Sun Jae to inform him about it.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae watch her interview and try to contact her, but she won’t pick up. Everyone immediately goes to the place that she mentioned in her interview – the reservoir.  They track her last location before her phone got turned off, while she slowly walks down the road. A car stops beside her, but it’s not Jung Ho Young. The driver asks where she is headed and offers to give her a ride, but she refuses and he drives off.

Suddenly Jung Ho Young attacks her from the nearby bushes. The driver looks in his front mirror and doesn’t see Jae Yi, wondering where she suddenly disappeared to. Our guys arrive near the reservoir and spread out to search for her. They stop the driver, who tells them that he saw a woman walking down the road and our duo hurries there.

Kwang Ho runs further away as Sun Jae stops to take a phone call from his friend about Jae Yi. It appears that Yeon Ho is Jae Yi and poor Sun Jae is completely shocked at the news. Meanwhile, Jung Ho Young carries unconscious Jae Yi further into the woods. He ties up her hands and goes to tie up her legs as well, but she wakes up and kicks him in the face.

She runs away and Jung Ho Young chases after her until she trips and falls. She starts to crawl away from him, but he slowly approaches her. Kwang Ho suddenly hears a whistle, it’s Jae Yi, who remembered to use her mother’s whistle when in danger. She blows the whistle multiple times until Jung Ho Young starts choking her.

Kwang Ho runs towards the sound and finally sees the culprit in the bushes and scares him away. Kwang Ho unties Jae Yi and tries to wake her up, but she won’t answer. I guess people didn’t know about CPR back in 1986… Thankfully she does regain consciousness after a few seconds. Sun Jae arrives moments later, terrified to see Jae Yi in such a state, but Kwang Ho tells him to go after Jung Ho Young, which he reluctantly does.

Kwang Ho is extremely relieved that Jae Yi is alive, telling her that if not for the whistle it might’ve ended badly. That’s when he sees the whistle that looks exactly like the one Yeon Sook gave him. He’s stunned for a moment, before asking Jae Yi how she got this whistle in the first place and who she really is. The realizations slowly dawns on him as he asks if she is Yeon Ho. They both stare at each other in shock.


This episode was hands down the most intense so far. Whether it was the chase after Jung Ho Young or Jae Yi’s rescue, the urgency was always there. I do hope that our guys catch Jung Ho Young next week, otherwise, it almost seems like he’s too smart or the police aren’t doing their job right. I don’t agree with any of those, so he better get behind bars soon. As a killer, he lost some of my interest because his killings are impulsive. Sure, he went after Jae Yi specifically, but that was because she challenged him head on.

I enjoyed that this episode allowed us to see more of Jae Yi and her feelings. I got used seeing her stoic self, so her terrified expression when she was running away from Jung Ho Young left a lasting impression. She had experienced so much emotional trauma at a young age, that she had to find a coping mechanism. Hiding her emotion for so long made her numb, but it doesn’t mean that she’s a cold-blooded, emotionless monster. She’s only human after all and only now has started to learn again how to express herself and her feelings. I loved the scene at the police station when Kwang Ho reprimanded her. He gave his daughter a valuable and necessary lessen about what’s truly important in their line of work. Not even Sun Jae stopped him because what he said back then was the truth, even if it was harsh.

Doctor Mok keeps getting more interesting. I was surprised that he called Sun Jae to inform him about Jae Yi’s stupid plan to become the bait. He even looked worried. His motivation as a killer got revealed a bit. He seems to kill women whom he thinks are bad. He said that Sun Jae’s mother wasn’t a good person and his last victim worked at a hostess bar, so in his mind wasn’t innocent either. Overall he seems to be quite a narcissistic person, thinking that he’s better than Jung Ho Young and a lot smarter, unafraid to be caught by the police.