It’s time to put an end to the story of Jung Ho Young and Sun Jae puts everything on the line to get the killer behind bars. He finally reaches his ultimate goal, but the resolution doesn’t bring comfort to anyone because the murderer manages to avoid his rightful punishment. The good guys will have to step up their game to catch the real bad guy they’ve been hunting down for so long.


Kwang Ho sees the whistle necklace on Jae Yi and asks where did she get it. As the realization dawns on him, he asks if she’s Yeon Ho, but Jae Yi is on the verge of losing consciousness and doesn’t hear him clearly. Sung Shik, Min Ha and Tae Hee finally find them and are shocked to see Jae Yi in such a state. They tell the paramedics to hurry, while Sun Jae desperately chases Jung Ho Young through the woods.

The guy lays low on the ground and attacks Sun Jae at the right moment. Sung Shik and the others hear a gun shot and hurry to help Sun Jae, who’s fighting with Jung Ho Young. The culprit runs towards his car and manages to get inside even though Sun Jae tried to stop him. Our guy won’t give up though and breaks the car window with his elbow, getting him outside after the criminal throws some good punches in his face.

They roll around in the field where Jung Ho Young finds a metal rod and beats Sun Jae with it. Sun Jae finally overpowers him and continues to beat him up. Jung Ho Young struggles to free himself but Sun Jae manages to hold him down until the others come. Sung Shik has to restrain Sun Jae to keep him from attacking Jung Ho Young. Poor guy bawls his eyes out for finally catching his mother’s murderer.

Kwang Ho brings Jae Yi to the hospital. She’s currently unconscious, so he makes a scene when the doctor leaves them to help another patient in critical condition. He’s panicking that his Yeon Ho is hurt, so the guards have to restrain him.

Jung Ho Young is brought to the police station where the reporters and the victims’ families have gathered. Grieving relatives try to attack him, but the scum just smirks, as he goes inside. They lock him up in a cell after Sun Jae carefully searches his pockets for anything the guy might use to escape like last time.

The higher ups congratulate the team for capturing the culprit but tell them to keep it low about what happened to Jae Yi. Tae Hee and Min Ha wonder why Sun Jae was so furious when he caught Jung Ho Young, thinking it was simply because he wanted to catch the guy that run away from him last time. Sung Shik says that he has another reason for it, but doesn’t explain any further as Sun Jae returns to his desk, looking worse for wear.

Sung Shik thanks everyone for doing a great job, but reminds them that this is only the beginning since the culprit won’t confess easily. They need concrete evidence to lock him up, so Min Ha and Tae Hee gets assigned with searching the crime scene for any DNA or other traces, while Sun Jae and Kwang Ho get the witness statement from Jae Yi.

Sun Jae calls Kwang Ho, who’s currently talking with the doctor, who says that Jae Yi only has wounds on her neck and hands, but is currently unconscious because of shock. Kwang Ho remembers all the times he treated her badly and cries, regretting everything. He blames himself for the death of Yeon Sook and Yeon Ho’s difficult childhood.

Meanwhile, doctor Mok is chilling on a balcony, thinking that Jae Yi was smart luring Jung Ho Young out like that. He smiles a creepy smile and hopes that she’s ok.

Sun Jae arrives at the hospital and finds Kwang Ho sitting outside of Jae Yi’s room. He checks on her first then tells Kwang Ho that they caught Jung Ho Young and that he found Yeon Ho. The news doesn’t surprise Kwang Ho as he says that he already met Yeon Ho. Sun Jae is surprised and Kwang Ho shows him the necklace that Yeon Sook gave him, which later ended up with Jae Yi.

He wonders if Yeon Sook told her about him, but Sun Jae explains that Jae Yi doesn’t remember anything about her time in Korea before she got adopted. At the age of 15, her adoptive parents died in a fire and she was accused of starting it, but Hye Won helped her back then. Kwang Ho cries as sun Jae tells him that Jae Yi has lived a lonely life and struggled a lot, that’s why she doesn’t like to talk much and doesn’t show when she’s in pain. Sun Jae suggests telling everything to Jae Yi, but Kwang Ho refuses, thinking that he doesn’t deserve to be called father when she struggled so much on her own all this time. He’s happy that he got to see her face before he went back to the past.

The others are at the crime scene with the forensics, but so far nothing came up. Tae Hee finds a little cross in Jung Ho Young’s car, wondering if the bastard has repented for his sins or something. Min Ha thinks that it is a necklace that might’ve belonged to one of his victims. Sung Shik is busy questioning Jung Ho Young, who denies all accusations and says that he didn’t know Jae Yi and only tried to save her.  He fled the crime scene because he knew that they wouldn’t believe him. Sung Shik goes out to call Sun Jae, who says that Jae Yi hasn’t woken up yet, so he’ll stay there to get her witness statement.  He stands just outside of her room silently begging her to wake up.

The next morning Jae Yi is dreaming of the time when Yeon Sook gave her the whistle necklace. She told little Yeon Ho that if she ever was in danger and blew the whistle, then mom would come to same her. Yeon Ho asked if she went to save daddy when he was in danger as well, but poor Yeon Sook doesn’t answer.

Later, when Yeon Ha was adopted and was about to board the plane for England, she blew the whistle and cried, but her mother didn’t come. She tried to blow the whistle many times, but no one came. Jae Yi finally wakes up and the first thing she asks if they caught Jung Ho Young. Kwang Ho and Sun Jae help her up and she asks why they’re here instead of working on getting Jung Ho Young locked up for good.

Kwang Ho is understandably upset that she doesn’t worry about herself first in this situation, but Jae Yi answers that if the culprit gets away again all of this was for nothing. He leaves the room as Jae Yi prepares to give her witness statement. She tells Sun Jae that it was a little past 10 pm when she arrived near the reservoir. Jae Yi chose that road because she was here once before with Hye Won.

Jung Ho Young attacked her right after a car passed by. She suddenly shivers after remembering the moment but continues. Jung Ho Young was supposed to attack her from his car, but didn’t, so it all was unexpected. Jae Yi lost her consciousness for a moment and her memory isn’t clear about what happened next, but she thinks he tried to take her to the reservoir.

Jung Ho Young talked to her, saying that he saw her interview and received her message. Hearing his favorite song on TV excited him even more. He confirmed that he didn’t kill the latest two women, but all the others are his doing. Jae Yi has a panic attack, remembering how she tried to run away from him.

Sun Jae tries to calm her, telling her that it’s ok, no one will hurt her now, but Jae Yi tearfully says that she’s not ok and it’s very painful. Sun Jae holds her in an embrace while she cries. Kwang Ho was standing outside and heard everything. When Sun Jae comes out, Kwang Ho tells him that it’s about time they went and put Jung Ho Young in jail. Hye Won comes running to the hospital. She asks about Jae Yi’s condition and they tell her that she woke up.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae return to the police station, wondering if Min Ha and Tae Hee found any evidence. Poor Sung Shik was worried about Kwang Ho, because he didn’t pick up the phone. They start the meeting where they discuss that Jung Ho Young’s murders from 30 years ago reached their statute of limitation.

What they can work with now are 7 murder cases and one attempted murder. They have evidence only for two cases. Tae Hee shows everyone the cross necklace he found in Jung Ho Young’s car. It belonged to one of his victims, Seo Yeon. Her DNA was found on it, so they can at least charge him with two cases first, then work on the others later.

Jung Ho Young is brought in for questioning but denies the accusations. Sun Jae shows him the victim’s necklace, but the criminal says that he bought it. When Sun Jae asks him additional questions, Jung Ho Young changes his statement, saying that he must’ve found it on the street. Sun Jae plays the phone call recording where Jung Ho Young told him that he killed Lee Seo Yeon but not the other two latest murder victims.

Jung Ho Young says that it was just a lie and Kwang Ho almost punches him in the face when the guy swears he didn’t kill anyone. After the interrogation session, Sun Jae proposes using a lie detector on Jung Ho Young, but Min Ha and Tae Hee are skeptical since it’ll only be considered circumstantial evidence at most. Sun Jae thinks that it might be enough to pressure him psychologically and Sung Shik decides to give it a try.

Our team watches as the test proceeds. Jung Ho Young doesn’t look worried at first, but when the questioning begins his heartbeat gives him away. He gets more and more nervous with every question, but it gets even more intense as the theme for the questions change to his sister and how he felt when he strangled her. The machine keeps beeping loudly and the pulse chart goes crazy as Jung Ho Young gets angrier.

Poor Jae Yi has nightmares about Jung Ho Young, but Hye Won is there to calm her down. Jae Yi thought that she could handle it well because she knows murderers and has studied them for years, but it was all a lie. She was scared that Jung Ho Young would kill another person because of her provocation, that’s why she did it. Hye Won consoles her, saying that everyone would’ve been scared in that situation.

All our five team members are having dinner and Min Ha notes how this is the first get-together where Sun Jae went with them. The guys quarrel with each other because one side is happy they caught Jung Ho Young, while the other, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae, are grumpy that they didn’t find out the truth about the murders from 30 years ago.

It kinda funny and it gets even funnier when Sun Jae asks Tae Hee to remove the handcuffs from him. Ahaaha, same trick he did on Kwang Ho! Min Ha can’t take it anymore and tells them all to be quiet, reprimanding everyone for acting like children. The other four look stunned and finally shut up. XD

Sun Jae calls Jae Yi that evening, wondering about her wellbeing. Kwang Ho comes out and tells him to asks if Jae Yi needs anything. Oh, he’s acting like a mother hen. Jae Yi answers that she’s fine and Hye Won is there with her, so she doesn’t need anything. She tells them to pay a visit to Jung Ho Young’s mother because he reacts strongly to everything that concerns her.

After they end the call, Sun Jae asks Kwang Ho to take care of her as she’ll be discharged tomorrow. Kwang Ho finds it ridiculous that Sun Jae would ask him that when he’s Jae Yi’s father. That gets him to suspect that there’s something going on between them and he acts like an overprotective dad, telling Sun Jae that whatever it is, he won’t allow it. Oh god, I can’t XD, poor Sun Jae.

Jae Yi explains to Hye Won that Jung Ho Young’s mother always triggers a reaction from him because she locked him up in the mental hospital and even treated him like a lesser human being. Hye Won mentions that a mother’s love can cause problems both when it’s overwhelming and when it’s lacking. Jae Yi tells her how she started to remember her childhood and even her biological mom. Hye Won is happy that she’s regaining her memory and thinks that maybe it’s time for Jae Yi to look for her real mother.

Kwang Ho goes to the tunnel, where he tells Yeon Sook that he found their daughter and was able to save her thanks to the whistle. He asks her to wait for him a bit longer since he’ll come back as soon as they get Jung Ho Young in jail for good.

Jae Yi gets discharged the next day and promises Hye Won to go straight home, but she instead goes to meet doctor Mok. She heard from Sun Jae that he was the one who told them about her plan to act as bait, so she thanks him.

Dr. Mok acts friendly, saying that he’s glad nothing bad happened to Jae Yi. She notes how they both attended the same school yet never saw each other. The doctor says it was because his office was closer to the hospital and he spent all his time in there. He tells her to visit sometime to play chess since he wants revenge for their last match where she won.

Min Ha has a huge hangover and everyone’s making fun of his outburst from yesterday. Sung Shik arrives and brings bad news – Jung Ho Young’s case was taken by the prosecutors and they’ll deal with it from now on. Sung Shik plans to give the team some time until tomorrow morning, so Sun Jae and Kwang Ho go to meet Jung Ho Young’s mother.

They try to persuade her to talk with her son, but she refuses, not wanting anything to do with it. That’s when Sun Jae tells her that Jung Ho Young killed his mother. She seems startled at first but then goes and hides in her room. Sun Jae continues his monolog about what happened 30 years ago to his mother and why he became a policeman.

He begs her to meet Jung Ho Young and persuade him to confess. She listens to it all, crying, but tells them that her son isn’t easily persuaded. They have no other choice but to leave. On their way back Sun Jae tells Kwang Ho that there’s still one thing they can use against Jung Ho Young. If he finds out that Sun Jae is the son of one of his victims, Jung Ho Young would surely be amused and try to play with them.

At another interrogation session, Sun Jae shows Jung Ho Young his and his mother’s picture, but the murderer says he doesn’t know her. When Sun Jae says that she’s his mother, Jung Ho Young seems surprised. He describes what she was wearing and asks them if it was her back then near Division 18. Sun Jae asks him to confess since the case has reached the statute of, but Jung Ho Young says that it wasn’t him who killed her. Kwang Ho asks how he knows what she was wearing if he wasn’t the one who killed her, but Jung Ho Young answers that he’s very imaginative and just imagined the whole thing.

He laughs like a maniac. Kwang Ho has had it with him and comes close to him to repeat the words young Jung Ho Young said to him 30 years ago in the interrogation room. Now it’s Kwang Ho’s turn to laugh as Jung Ho Young’s expression falls and he remembers the detective from the past. He jumps away from Kwang Ho, terrified and unable to understand how it’s possible.

Kwang Ho says that he came 30 years into the future just to catch the guy that killed the women and marked them with dots. Jung Ho Young seems genuinely surprised about the dots they keep mentioning since he doesn’t know anything about them. Kwang Ho realizes that there’s one more killer they need to catch.

Everyone gathers for a meeting, where Sun Jae asks why Kwang Ho thinks Jung Ho Young is not the murderer from 30 years ago. Kwang Ho is 100% sure that there must be another criminal who knows about the dots, unlike Jung Ho Young. He says that Jae Yi must’ve been right that the latest two murders with dots where not Jung Ho Young’s doing.

There’s only one thing that doesn’t add up – how did Jung Ho Young know about the place where Sun Jae’s mother was killed and what clothes she was wearing that day. That’s when Kwang Ho realizes that Jung Ho Young must’ve seen it all, so he’s their only witness.

Kwang Ho hurriedly goes to Jung Ho Young, but he’s not in his cell. His mother came to visit him and he asks her why she admitted him to the hospital in the past. She says that he shouldn’t have been born as her son or should have been born normal. She admitted him to the hospital to make him human.

Jung Ho Young asks why did she fake his alibi then, but she answers that it was all for herself, to hide her shameful son. She says that whether his dead or alive, he’s useless and should’ve died somewhere already. Since he committed those sins, he should pay for them now. The guy sits there crying, unable to say anything to her.

He asks to see Sun Jae, who’s currently informing Dr. Mok about the second killer and how Jung Ho Young is a probable suspect. The doc seems worried. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho meet with Jung Ho Young one more time and the guy tells them that he was the one who killed Sun Jae’s mother. He even tells them her last words, which causes Sun Jae to lose his cool and attack him.

Kwang Ho tries to calm him down and tells him not to get fooled by Jung Ho Young. He takes the DNA results and asks to be left alone with Jung Ho Young. He offers him a cigarette, but Jung Ho Young doesn’t smoke. This fact confirms that he didn’t kill Sun Jae’s mom because Kwang Ho saw the murderer smoking.

Sun Jae watches the interrogation from the secret room. We get a flashback of how young Jung Ho Young witnessed Sun Jae’s mom’s murder. Back in the present he still refuses to tell the truth and insists that he was the one who murdered her.

The next day the police hand Jung Ho Young over to the prosecution. As he leaves the station he meets Dr. Mok on the stairs. Jae Yi calls her friend from England to ask her who was looking for her. The woman tells her it was a policeman. Meanwhile, Jung Ho Young gets visited by non-other than Dr. Mok, whom he doesn’t recognize.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho go to visit Jae Yi and our newly found “dad” is grumpy that Sun Jae came to see his daughter. Kwang Ho says that he won’t allow it and that’s when Jae Yi returns home with groceries, asking what won’t he allow. Once inside Kwang Ho asks if Jae Yi is feeling ok and Sun Jae offers to buy her anything she wants to eat. That rubs Kwang Ho the wrong way and he asks to talk outside, but suddenly gets a phone call. Sung Shik tells him that Jung Ho Young committed suicide in his cell.


Yet another intense and tightly packed episode. I’m surprised by how many things happened and how much the plot moved in one hour. The story of Jung Ho Young got completely resolved, but I’m disappointed that he committed suicide and basically took the easy way out. I would’ve preferred if he spent a lifetime in jail, but maybe Dr. Mok will receive the proper punishment.

It was highly satisfying to watch how scared Jung Ho Young looked when he recognized Kwang Ho. Serves him right for finding a person’s suffering funny. I wonder if he copied Dr. Mok after witnessing how he killed Sun Jae’s mother. No wonder doc was angry that some mindless amateur tried to imitate him.  I must say that Jung Ho Young’s mother is a piece of work as well. With the way she treated him it’s no wonder he became like that. She holds some of the responsibility for the murders her son has committed. He probably wanted to strangle his sister because she was the favorite child, while he was treated like dirt, but it doesn’t excuse his wrongdoings in any way.

This was an episode that showed the vulnerable side of both Sun Jae and Jae Yi. It’s nice to see that they find comfort in each other. I wonder if Jae Yi will find out that Kwang Ho is her father. I was a bit surprised that she didn’t know that her mother died, but if she really lost all her memory of the time in Korea, then it’s understandable. I really want her to find out the truth that her parents didn’t just abandon her, but died. I imagine that she lived with the thought that she’s not needed and was abandoned by everyone, which is not true. I feel bad for everyone in Kwang Ho’s family.