This episode of Tunnel is the calm before the storm. Kwang Ho gets reunited with Yeon Sook, who’s incredibly happy to see her husband alive and well. Poor Jae Yi has to come to terms with the fact that Kwang Ho is her father. She finally gets to know what kind of people her parents were. Meanwhile, Sun Jae has to face the truth that his mentor and friend is a serial murderer.


The episode starts with Kwang Ho fighting Dr Mok. He tosses the doc away and ends up in the past. The two of them look around, searching for one another, not yet understanding what happened. Kwang Ho runs to the end of the tunnel, meeting a guy on a bicycle who listens to music played on an old recorder.

Kwang Ho slowly realises that he has been transported to the past, wondering how that could’ve happened when he didn’t even catch the murderer. Dr Mok screams for Kwang Ho in rage, wondering if he returned to the past.

Kwang Ho snaps back to reality and runs to his old house, relieved to see that it’s still there in the old place. He runs inside, screaming for Yeon Sook and finds her hanging the laundry. They look at each other with tears in their eyes, not believing that they are finally reunited. They cry in each other’s arms. What a wonderful, touching moment. Meanwhile, Dr Mok throws away Kwang Ho’s phone.

Back at home, Yeon Sook takes in Kwang Ho’s strange clothes and asks where he was all this time. He looks at her round belly and asks when their daughter is due, which startles Yeon Sook. She doesn’t understand how come he knows that she’s pregnant with a daughter when she didn’t even have a chance to tell him before he disappeared. Yeon Sook tells Kwang Ho that it’s been five months since he disappeared, which confirms that the time passes at the same speed in both timelines. He finally prepares to tell her the truth of what happened.

In the present, Jae Yi finds it hard to believe that Kwang Ho came from the past, but Sun Jae explains that the man without any records he told her about earlier was Kwang Ho. Jae Yi stands up to leave, not wanting to hear any of it, but stops in her tracks when Sun Jae mentions her whistle. He tells her that her mother, Yeon Sook, originally gave it to Kwang Ho. Jae Yi is visibly shaken, asking if it’s really the truth that Kwang Ho is her father.


Meanwhile, Kwang Ho retells Yeon Sook what happened the day he disappeared. It’s so funny how he tries to explain what smartphones are to Yeon Sook, who tries her best to listen to the surreal stuff her husband tells her. She asks if Kwang Ho really met their daughter and he excitedly tells her that she grew up beautifully and is kind by 2017th standards, lol. Yeon Sook asks if he met her as well and Kwang Ho lies that he did, not able to tell her the truth.

Jae Yi returns home and tears up as she remembers how concerned Kwang Ho was when she got hurt and his strange behaviour after he saw the whistle. She tries calling him, but no one picks up. Kwang Ho can’t sleep, thinking about his sudden return and wondering if there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled for the time-travel to happen. He happily hugs Yeon Sook, who talks in her sleep, asking Kwang Ho not to leave.


The next morning Sung Shik gets reprimanded by his boss for questioning his colleagues. He demands that they stop investigating a closed case, especially since they don’t have a suspect. After the chief of the police station leaves, Min Ha suggests investigating any newcomers, but the others are gloomy because the case seems unsolvable. Our maknae can’t stand the atmosphere and raises his voice yet again, successfully lifting the mood of his team members. They all agree to investigate the case till the end and Sung Shik notes how Sun Jae finally became a part of the team and doesn’t behave like a guest anymore. They wonder where Kwang Ho is and Sun Jae suddenly gets a call from Jae Yi.

She asks whether Kwang Ho’s at the station, worried that something might’ve happened to him since he didn’t come home last night and doesn’t answer the phone. Sung Shik and Sun Jae meet Jae Yi at Kwang Ho’s place. He’s not home and his phone is turned off. Sun Jae was the last one who saw Kwang Ho. It was right before the team went to question the two police officer suspects. Sung Shik orders to track the last location of Kwang Ho’s phone and check the call history.

Dr Mok returns to work, looking worn-out. He notices that his Noel pen is missing and panics, searching through his desk. He runs to the tunnel and searches for it there, thinking that he might’ve lost it. That’s when he realises that Kwang Ho must’ve found it the day of their confrontation. And indeed, Kwang Ho sits at home, looking at the pen.

He thinks that there must be DNA on it, but there’s no way to determine that without the technology needed. He puts the pen inside a plastic bag and leaves it in his jacket, planning to leave. Yeon Sook isn’t too happy that her husband is going out. She’s afraid that he might disappear again, but Kwang Ho ensures her that it won’t happen and promises to call her using public phones since he lost his cell phone earlier.

He goes to his old police station but doesn’t recognise anyone because the investigation team got disbanded and the case files burned. Reporter Oh is creeping around the police station like always and is startled when he sees Kwang Ho, whom he thought was dead. They go to the nearest café where Kwang Ho tells the reporter that he knows the real culprit of the serial murder case.

He asks for his help in finding the evidence and the survived victim Kim Young Ja. Reporter Oh fakes indifference but immediately agrees when Kwang Ho promises to help him write an exclusive news report. They go to Young Ja’s place, where her mom tells them that she moved to Seoul to live with her uncle. After getting the address, they hurry there.

Min Ha got his hands-on Kwang Ho’s call history and the last call was around 9 pm, but the caller used a burn phone. That alarms everyone and they decide to investigate the area near the base station where his last locating was tracked.

Kwang Ho and reporter Oh visit Young Ja in Seoul, but she closes the door in front of them, after finding out that they are the police. She doesn’t want to talk about the case because other people will point fingers at her and blame her for what happened. Kwang Ho begs her to help them so that no more women get hurt, but the girl is too afraid and storms off. He leaves her a note and leaves, hoping that she’ll eventually change her mind.

Sung Shik, Sun Jae and Jae Yi go to the tunnel since it was the closest familiar place near the last trackable location. They wonder if he returned to the past, but Sung Shik doubts it since Kwang Ho couldn’t do it no matter how much he tried. Tae Hee calls to tell them that Kwang Ho’s tracks were quite strange. He came out of the police station, went to the hospital and then took a cab.

They decide to go back to the station and Sung Shik says that it might be for the better that Kwang Ho returned to the past. Jae Yi doesn’t quite understand what they’re talking about, so Sun Jae explains how Kwang Ho ended up here in the first place.

Later that day Kwang Ho meets Yeon Sook at the Hangang Cruise Ship opening ceremony. He buys three tickets for them and their daughter. They seem so happy to spend the time together. Kwang Ho buys a teddy bear for Yeon Ho and promises to be a good dad from now on. They later go to their favourite dumplings restaurant and Kwang Ho mentions how he bought dumplings for Yeon Ho in the future as well.

Jae Yi goes to Kwang Ho’s apartment. She looks around and notices his old clothes, remembering the first time they met. She finds a picture of Yeon Sook on the table and tears up when she remembers her childhood, specifically her real mom.

Sung Shik and Sun Jae are still at the police station late at night. They wrote down Kwang Ho’s hourly whereabouts and are still trying to figure out where he went. Tae Hee and Min Ha return and inform the two that Kwang Ho got off in front of the tunnel. Sung Shik is sure that Kwang Ho must’ve returned to the past, but Sun Jae doesn’t believe it, thinking that Kwang Ho would’ve at least said goodbye before leaving.

He storms off to the surveillance centre to look through the CCTV’s himself. He sees that Kwang Ho talked to an officer before leaving. The guy tells Sun Jae that he was asked to look into Doctor Mok’s personal information, specifically if the doc lived in Hwayang in 1986.

Jae Yi is at home, looking at her mom’s picture and her whistle. Sung Shik calls her to say that Kwang Ho went back to the past. He apologises that she had to find out everything right before Kwang Ho left. Jae Yi’s actually thankful for that because she was always curious who she was and what kind of people were her parents.

Sun Jae goes to Dr Mok to asks him if he met Kwang Ho last night, taking note of the bruise on doc’s face. Mok denies it and also explains that he got the bruise on his face while organising books. Sun Jae leaves soon after, but he seems suspicious about the doctor.

In the past, Kim Young Ja reads the note Kwang Ho left for her in which he lists all the victims and asks for her help in bringing the murderer to justice. The girl seems hesitant. Kwang Ho’s busy doing laundry for Yeon Sook. He brings her a huge bowl of strawberries that she wanted to eat in the first trimester of her pregnancy. Aw, it’s so cute how he tries to make up for the wasted time.

Young Ja calls to say that she’ll testify because none of the women deserved to be murdered like that. Kwang Ho prepares to go catch the culprit, but Yeon Sook tears up and asks him not to go and just stay with her for the day. He promises to return home soon and Yeon Sook reluctantly agrees to let him go.

Jae Yi goes to her adoption centre to see her profile card. There’s a different person stated as her parent and she wonders who it is. The adoption centre’s employee explains that if a child is sent for adoption overseas it requires a parental consent. Since both of her parents were dead, a relative or a social worker might’ve registered her under their family before sending her abroad. She finds the address of the oriental clinic where she used to live before the adoption.

Kwang Ho waits for Reporter Oh, who can’t go with him to Seoul because he needs to cover a hostage situation. Meanwhile, Jae Yi goes to the oriental medicine clinic and remembers her childhood. She talks with the owner lady, who says that Jae Yi resembles her mother a lot. She waited for Jae Yi to visit her someday and tells her about a young man that came asking for Yeon Sook recently. He cried a lot when the lady told him about Yeon Sook’s car accident. Jae Yi smiles, thinking that it’s a good thing Kwang Ho returned to the past and her parents must’ve met each other again.

Kwang Ho goes to the Hwayang University to ask about Mok, who is a freshman there. His grandmother died recently so he gave a written notice of absence and is currently at home. Kwang Ho gets the address and drives there. Sun Jae returns to the station and meets Dr Mok on his way out. Sung Shik explains that he came because he was worried after hearing about Kwang Ho’s disappearance, but Sun Jae’s not convinced.

Jae Yi tells her students about Gauguin’s last painting that he painted right after his daughter’s death – The origin of self. She says that it’s very important to know where we came from, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to learn from the past mistakes. The same came be applied to serial killers, who didn’t become murderers overnight.

They showed some signs of abnormal behaviour in the past and gradually became criminals. Jae Yi asks her students what kind of families do serial killers have and they answer that the families most likely are dysfunctional. Jae Yi agrees with their opinions but notes that some serial killers come from normal families. She wonders how did our serial killer grew up and the reason he marks the victims with dots.

Sun Jae looks through Dr Mok’s personal information, confirming that he did live in Hwayang 30 years ago. The information fits the suspect’s traits. Jae Yi visits Dr Mok to share her idea that Kim Young Ja’s murder might’ve influenced the serial murderer to kill again. She wonders if her earlier assumptions were wrong, but Dr Mok thinks otherwise. The murderer probably thought that his murders were perfect, but because of Kim Young Ja, he found out they were not. Since he is someone who carefully marks each victim, he couldn’t stand the thought of failure. Jae Yi wonders where did such a MO of marking the victims come from.

The murderer isn’t a showoff like Jung Ho Young. These words seem to stoke Dr Mok’s ego, who looks quite pleased to hear that. He tells her that Jung Ho Young choked his victims multiple times for pleasure, but the other killer choked them once cleanly because it wasn’t a mindless murder, but murder with a reason. Dr Mok asks if she found the person who was looking for her and she confirms but mentions how the person suddenly disappeared. Jae Yi’s phone rings and she picks up a call from Sun Jae.

Meanwhile, Kwang Ho goes to the tunnel, wondering where Mok might kill next. He thinks that Jae Yi was right that the culprit will murder closer to home the more people he kills, which is the complete opposite of what he thought at first when they started investigating the case.

Jae Yi meets Sun Jae outside the University Hospital and he apologises for everything. She, in turn, surprises him by sincerely thanking him for everything. Jae Yi’s glad that she found out who her parents were even if she won’t see them again. Sun Jae tells her that Kwang Ho said the same thing, that he was glad she was his daughter.

Dr Mok went out to eavesdrop on their conversation and left after finding out that Jae Yi is Kwang Ho’s daughter. Sun Jae asks her where she was before coming to see him and she answers that she met Dr Mok, who told her about the differences between Jung Ho Young’s murders and the other killer. That raises Sun Jae’s level of suspicion even more.

Kwang Ho finds Mok’s house and goes inside. Alone. At night. Sun Jae goes to the forensics centre to asks Dr Mok’s colleague about the ligature marks of Yoon Da Young. She doesn’t know anything about the victim being strangled only once and she certainly didn’t write it in the autopsy report. Besides, you can’t judge if the victim was strangled once just by looking at ligature marks. The only person to know that would be the murderer himself.

Meanwhile, Kwang Ho is trying to find any evidence inside Mok’s family home, but the guy returns and they meet at the entrance. Kwang Ho tells him that he’s here to arrest him for murder, but the guy fakes ignorance. When Kwang Ho tells him that he is the detective whom he attacked in the tunnel, the guy smirks, saying that he’s not surprised that he survived.

He suddenly runs off and Kwang Ho chases after him to the damned tunnel. He almost catches Mok right before the tunnel, but the guy runs inside and they end up running through it yet again. The air seems to distort around them and Kwang Ho travels to the future once more, letting the murderer run away.


Last week I didn’t expect Kwang Ho to return to the past, but now that it happened I’m glad about it. He got to meet Yeon Sook and explain what happened, while she had the chance to confirm that her husband wasn’t dead. Now, even if he disappears again, she’ll at least know that he might have gone to the future. While it’s not a comforting thing for her, it’s certainly better than not knowing what happened with Kwang Ho at all. Yeon Sook is such a great and strong person. I liked that she didn’t doubt Kwang Ho not even a bit. Even if what he told her seemed like something crazy, she still trusted her husband.

I’m liking the ladies of the show quite a lot. This episode spent the needed time on Jae Yi and her inner struggles. I loved how she became alive after finding out about her parents. It’s like she woke up from her emotionless slumber and managed to break the walls she built around her heart. After finding out that Kwang Ho is her father and remembering more of her childhood memories with Yeon Sook, she became calmer and happier. It’s like a heavy burden has been lifted off her shoulders. I’m glad she found out that she was a beloved child and her parents were good people.