This episode set up the game for the final two, raising the stakes high up. Mok Jin Woo gets so brazen that he kills another woman right after his release from detention. Kwang Ho and Jae Yi spend some quality time together as a family before Mok Jin Woo ruins everything.


Kwang Ho runs after young Mok in the tunnel, but right before he gets to the exit the air around him distorts and he gets transported to the future. He looks around and sees the modern Seoul. Dr. Mok is in his office, thinking about Jae Yi and the fact that she’s Kwang Ho’s daughter. He suddenly gets new memories of the past that Kwang Ho changed just moments back.

In the past, Yeon Sook goes outside, waiting for Kwang Ho, who hasn’t returned. Meanwhile, he tears up at having left Yeon Sook alone yet again. He desperately tries to return back by running through the tunnel, but of course it doesn’t work… Oh man, this is heartbreaking.


Sun Jae drives to the Han River, remembering what Dr. Mok’s colleague told him about the killer being the only person who might know how many times the victim was strangled. He remembers Dr. Mok’s comments about the crimes and how he always insisted that there were two murderers and everything falls into place. Needless to say, that Sun Jae’s devastated to find out that his “friend” was the murderer who killed his mother. The poor guy brakes down in tears and punches the ground with his fist in frustration.

Meanwhile, Jae Yi is at home, still investigating the serial murders, when Sun Jae comes to her. She notices his bleeding hand and treats his wound. Dang, he looks completely dead inside. Sun Jae tells her everything about the real murderer and Jae Yi tries to comfort him somehow. He wonders if Kwang Ho knew that Dr. Mok was the murderer and Jae Yi tells him that if he knows, he’ll be trying to catch him in the past.

Kwang Ho sits inside the tunnel, wondering how exactly did he end up in the present again. He remembers that it was always when Dr. Mok and he were in the tunnel, so for this to finally end he’ll need to catch the guy. The only evidence he had was the fountain pen, but he left it in the past.

Dr. Mok drives to Jae Yi’s house and looks around, suspecting that Kwang Ho might’ve returned again. Sung Shik is sitting all alone in the police station, wondering why it’s so hard to catch the culprit. Kwang Ho suddenly returns and scares the heck out of him since Sung Shik thought that he returned to the past. Kwang Ho explains that he did go back to the past but ended up here again while chasing after Mok Jin Woo. Sung Shik goes crazy that Kwang Ho left poor Yeon Sook alone right after he met her. They call Sun Jae and he hurries to the police station together with Jae Yi. They arrive and Sun Jae’s both frustrated that Kwang Ho disappeared just like that but also relieved to see him again.

Jae Yi stands outside the room and looks at Kwang Ho with tears in her eyes. The two guys explain that she knows everything. She breaks down in tears, saying that she was always alone and thought that she had no one. Kwang Ho hugs her, saying that he tried to make it work this time. They cry in each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, poor Yeon Sook sits outside alone at night, still waiting for Kwang Ho. She tears up but tries to stay strong, saying that she’ll wait for Kwang Ho until he catches the culprit and comes back. Jae Yi and Kwang Ho both don’t know what to say to each other now that they actually met, even though there were so many things they wanted to ask each other.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mok is chilling on his balcony or whatever that place is. He thinks that since Kwang Ho went back to the past everything will be fine now and he’ll simply return to his daily life. Kwang Ho makes a fuss about Jae Yi offering to help them catch the culprit. Sun Jae and Sung Shik join their discussion.

Kwang Ho asks why she’s so stubborn and who did she take after. Sung Shik hilariously answers that she takes after Kwang Ho, because he also never listened to his chief back in the past. Sun Jae thinks that it would be a nice idea to let Jae Yi participate in the investigation, but Kwang Ho says that they are so carefree because they don’t know who the culprit is.

Sun Jae tells him that they already figured it out themselves. A heavy silence falls and Kwang Ho apologizes for leaving the pen in the past since it was their only concrete evidence. Jae Yi thinks that Mok Jin Woo must be anxious and looking for his pen, not knowing whether he lost it or someone took it. Kwang Ho offers to tell the culprit that he returned to the future, but Jae Yi is against it.

She calls him Corporal Park, but stops herself, reminded that she should probably call him ‘dad’ now. Kwang Ho understands that it’s not that easy for her, so she should just call him the way she’s comfortable with. They decide to arrest Mok Jin Woo, hoping that the fact that they have his pen would make him confess.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho go to his office, but the guy is absent. They find him on a break with his other colleagues, having a good time. Doc seems surprised to see Kwang Ho again, but he gets even more surprised to see that Sun Jae came as well to arrest him. They bring him to the interrogation room and present him the murder charges, but he doesn’t admit to them.

Kwang Ho asks where did Mok’s fountain pen disappear to or maybe someone took it. He lists all the women Mok killed and then marked them with that pen of his, but the doc fakes ignorance. After the interrogation, everyone discusses what to do next. They decide to search Mok Jin Woo’s home without a warrant to get some evidence, otherwise, he’ll get released after 48 hours.

Jae Yi wants to go with them, but Kwang Ho persuades her to go home because he won’t be able to face Yeon Sook if something happens to her. She agrees but offers to at least look into Mok Jin Woo some more. Kwang Ho and Sun Jae arrive and go inside Mok Jin Woo’s home. The house if huge and looks almost deserted.

They search the first floor, but find nothing there and move to the second floor. There, in one of the rooms, they find a wall with funeral portraits of his victims hanging on it (about 15 photos). It seems that the psycho never stopped killing but did it quietly.

Jae Yi is at home, studying Mok Jin Woo’s profile information. He lived with his grandmother and mother, both died when he was a teenager. He also never got married. Jae Yi thinks that they need to search for the reason of his killings in his past. It’s already late and Kwang Ho isn’t home yet, so Jae Yi tries to call him, but remembers that he lost his phone. Meanwhile, Mok Jin Woo calmly sits in his cell, waiting for his detention to end.

The next morning Tae Hee and Min Ha find out that Mok Jin Woo was the killer all this time and are surprised by Kwang Ho’s sudden return. Sung Shik and Kwang Ho decide to tell them the truth since it’s no use keeping it a secret from them. Needless to say, that the guys don’t believe it, finding the whole story ridiculous.

Sung Shik shows them his old photo where Kwang Ho looks exactly the same. Sun Jae also confirms it and says that Kwang Ho investigated his mother’s murder case back in the past. The guys don’t even know how to address him properly now and hilariously settle for the most respectful form – Park Kwang Ho-nim, lol. That’s not all though, Sung Shik tells them that Jae Yi is Kwang Ho’s daughter and Min Ha and Tae Hee break down in hysterical laughter.

Speak of the devil, Jae Yi arrives with coffee and sandwiches for everyone. Sun Jae tries to take the coffee but immediately puts it down after a death glare from Kwang Ho. He asks if Jae Yi has eaten and they act like a real family, shocking poor Tae Hee and Min Ha with such behaviour. They finally seem to accept the truth but ask where the real Park Kwang Ho is. Kwang Ho answers that the guy got killed by Mok Jin Woo after finding out his true nature.

They have another interrogation session with Mok, where Sun Jae asks why did he kill these women. Doc answers that they need to ask the right questions to get right answers. He wonders if the DNA analysis of the pen has been conducted yet and by Kwang Ho’s answer he understands that they are just dragging the time. The guy has the nerve to play the victims by saying that he even helped Sun Jae save Jae Yi’s life and now he’s accusing him of murder. Kwang Ho tells him to shut up since he knows who Mok is, but the guy threatens Kwang Ho with the fact that he’s using a fake identity.

Jae Yi goes to Mok Jin Woo’s hometown and visits an old lady who knew the family well. The lady tells her that Mok Jin Woo’s mother left him with his grandmother, who practically raised him on her own while his mother was working. Every time she came back, she brought a big bag of presents. The neighbour also got stockings as presents from her too.

It appears that Mok Jin Woo’s mother worked as a prostitute at a place called “Town”, but to everyone else, she lied that she only did laundry there. The woman was an alcoholic and died in the hospital after drinking too much of it. Jae Yi wonders if his mother’s death could’ve been the trigger.

The chief of the police station is furious when he finds out that our team arrested Dr. Mok. He tells them to release him at once and goes to do it himself after they refuse. The chief even apologizes to Mok, who looks quite happy to be released. He tells something to the chief about Kwang Ho, but we don’t get to hear it.

Sung Shik immediate goes to ask the chief about it, but it appears that Mok didn’t say anything about the fake identity. He only said not to punish them too much since Kwang Ho got a little too eager to solve the case. Mok leaves with a smile, having confirmed that they don’t have the pen or any other evidence against him, otherwise, he wouldn’t be released so easily.

Sung Shik tells Min Ha and Tae Hee to follow Mok Jin Woo and Sun Jae with Kwang Ho should go rest at home before they pass out. Sun Jae offers to give Kwang Ho ride, who hilariously says that he doesn’t approve of him and Jae Yi. Sun Jae insist in giving him a ride and Kwang Ho reluctantly agrees. He even deletes Jae Yi’s contact from Sun Jae’s phone, saying that he’ll protect his Yeon Ho from now on.

They meet Jae Yi outside of the house and Sun Jae is so happy to see her. Kwang Ho tells her to get in her car because he needs to go somewhere with her. Sun Jae wants to go with them, but Kwang Ho blocks the car doors and they drive off leaving sad puppy Sun Jae behind. Aw, he so cute, I can’t. Meanwhile, Tae Hee and Min Ha are on a stakeout near Mok Jin Woo’s office.

Kwang Ho brings Jae Yi to his and Yeon Sook’s favourite restaurant. He tells her that Yeon Sook loved this place and they often ate dumpling here. Jae Yi says that she remembers coming here with Yeon Sook too. Kwang Ho asks if they also went on a cruise together and indeed Jae Yi confirms it. Back then Yeon Sook bought three tickets and when little Yeon Ho asked why she said that the third one was for Kwang Ho.

Jae Yi asks what kind of person she was and Kwang Ho answers that she was the prettiest and nicest person, who loved her dearly. When Jae Yi first saw the photo of Yeon Sook, even though she didn’t quite remember, but still felt that her mom loved her a lot.

Kwang Ho mixes the food for her and notes how she barely eats at home. He worries about her since she has such a dangerous job and even got hurt before. The conversation hilariously switches to Sun Jae and how he’s not a good match for Jae Yi. Kwang Ho funnily states that she’s bad at picking men and should take after her mother and find someone reliable like him.

She smiles at his words, but he tells her that it’s because he has a lot to say to her before he returns to the past. Hearing that Jae Yi’s smile falls. Just after finding her family and feeling loved and needed she has to face the reality of her dad leaving soon. Despite that, she encourages him and tells him to be careful so that he can return safely. Jae Yi gives Kwang Ho a new phone, where she already entered Sun Jae’s and her numbers.

Later that night, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae switch Min Ha and Tae Hee on a stakeout. Mok Jin Woo’s been reading in his office, but Kwang Ho thinks that something’s not right. They go to his office to check on him and find a different person there. The guy says that Mok Jin Woo already left. Our guys find his car still parked outside the University Hospital and decide to check his place first.

A woman is walking in the park late at night. She’s talking on the phone when Mok Jin Woo attacks her. He strangles her with stockings, smiling sickeningly all the while. The next morning our team arrives at the crime scene and Kwang Ho screams in rage to find another victim.

Sung Shik finds the victim’s journal. It appears the woman was a diligent professor, who kept notes about her students, their talents, likes and dislikes. She seemed like a nice person and Sung Shik feels guilty for not keeping Mok Jin Woo in custody.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae go to Mok Jin Woo’s office. The guy acts as if nothing happened but says he prepared some tea for them because he knew they’d come. Kwang Ho can’t take it anymore and punches Mok in the face, then tries to choke him, but gets stopped by the guards.

Sun Jae watched the whole thing but didn’t try to stop Kwang Ho. He asks Mok Jin Woo if he approached him deliberately seven years ago. The guy just says they should bring concrete evidence if they think that he’s the culprit. Before Sun Jae leaves, Mok throws him a chess piece and tells him not to give up even if he made a foolish move. The game won’t end until he catches the king.

Jae Yi reads the news about a new murder victim before her class. She tells her students that monsters always hide in the darkness that’s why the police usually start their investigations by checking ex-convicts. The most dangerous ones are those who hide among normal people and don’t stand out. That’s why after they are caught for murder their neighbours and colleagues can’t believe it.

One of the student’s pen falls on the ground and Jae Yi picks it up. That triggers a memory of her younger self finding the Noel pen. She immediately calls Kwang Ho. They meet outside of her university and Jae Yi tells him that one of her memories got altered. She now remembers finding the pen inside a drawer.

Yeon Sook told her that the pen belonged to her dad, who’ll need it someday. They decided to hide it somewhere, but Jae Yi can’t remember where. Kwang Ho tells her not to worry because he’ll catch Mok Jin Woo even if she can’t remember about the pen.

Sun Jae calls Kwang Ho and they meet at the police station. An autopsy report states that the latest victim died because of suffocation, but there are no traces left of the criminal. Sun Jae worries that there’s no evidence but Kwang Ho says that they might be able to find it soon, implying the pen.

Hye Won brings an old photo album to Jae Yi. She plans to look through the pictures to try and remember where she’d hidden the pen. There are many of her old photos where she has a teddy bear with her. That plush toy triggers her memory and she remembers hiding the pen inside that bear.

Jae Yi gets into her car and calls Kwang Ho to tell him that she remembers everything and will go to the police station now. Suddenly Mok Jin Woo appears and asks her where that pen is. It appears that the chess piece he gave to Sun Jae was a bug and he heard everything they said before about the evidence.

Kwang Ho is waiting for Jae Yi outside the police station. He worries about her and goes to her university, but another professor tells him that Jae Yi left a while ago. Kwang Ho runs outside and finds her car and her phone outside. He calls out her name as realization dawns on him that something must’ve happened to her.


What an intense episode. The last two will be even more thrilling, I can’t wait to watch them. I’m glad that Kwang Ho’s back but poor Yeon Sook breaks my heart every single time. She’s such a genuinely good person that it feels unfair that she’s always left behind. She’s pregnant now and needs her husband more than ever, but he disappeared yet again. I really hope he’ll get back before Yeon Ho is born.

It was nice to see the whole team on the same page now that Tae Hee and Min Ha know the truth. I like their characters, they are such a wonderful comic relief. Sun Jae was so cute this episode, trying to meet Jae Yi and get approval from her grumpy dad. I love their current family dynamics.

Mok Jin Woo gets creepier by the day. I didn’t expect him to kill right after they released him from the police station. And to think that he kept the funeral portraits of his victims is just… OCN sure likes its killers to be cray-cray, that’s for sure. One thing I don’t get is how he managed to kidnap Jae Yi right outside a busy university in broad daylight.