Episode 15 finally unveils Mok Jin Woo’s history. Many questions get answered in this hour and we get to see the reason why Mok became a murderer. Jae Yi faces danger twice in one episode, but will our team save her in time?


The episode starts with Dr. Mok happily exiting the university. He plans to go on “vacation” and prepares his murder weapons. He narrates that he found peace after 30 years, but one night young Park Kwang Ho followed him to the tunnel, where he sat smoking a cigarette like he always did after a murder. Young Park asked a neighbourhood ajumma about the tunnel and she told him that a woman was murdered there in the past.

Dr. Mok saw young Park asking around and later killed him in the woods. After that he thought that his peace had disappeared but today he realized that everything that happened was destined for him. As he drives the car with unconscious Jae Yi in it, he thinks that it was destiny that brought Sun Jae, Kwang Ho and Jae Yi to him. He laughs in glee.

Meanwhile, Kwang Ho is panicking that Jae Yi has disappeared and informs Sun Jae, who immediately arrives at the scene. They decide to check the CCTV first and see Dr. Mok kidnapping Jae Yi. Meanwhile, she wakes up inside the trunk, but can’t do anything because she’s bound and gagged.

Sung Shik has mobilized additional forces to search for Jae Yi and Min Ha and Tae Hee try to find clues on the scene. An hour has passed since the abduction. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho are at the surveillance center, trying to track down Mok Jin Woo, who gets a flat tire and has to stop his car in the middle of a secluded road.

Our team is at the police station, summarizing the information they have. It seems that Mok has a destination in mind, where he wants to bring Jae Yi. They can’t start an open investigation, otherwise, their every move will be exposed to the media and it might bring Jae Yi in danger. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho decided to search for Mok Jin Woo’s old houses or other places he might be familiar with. Min Ha and Tae Hee will check his call and internet history, while Sung Shik checks the CCTV of the main roads.

Meanwhile, Mok called a road service to fix his flat tire and the worker heard Jae Yi hitting the trunk with her legs. The guy went to check it out but a sudden phone call from another client prevented him from getting killed by Mok Jin Woo. When the guy left, Mok injected Jae Yi with a sedative.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho mark possible hideouts on the map, while the others try to find clues in Mok’s call history. Sung Shik saw a road service truck on the CCTV and called to ask questions, finding the witness in the process. The guy tells them that he provided a service in Yeonkyung. That’s the place where Mok provided volunteer medical service in the past. The witness also mentions that he heard some weird sounds coming from the trunk.

Our team and reinforcements arrive at the scene to search the area. Jae Yi wakes up in an abandoned house and Mok Jin Wook removes her gag. They suddenly hear the police sirens nearby, but our team can’t find Jae Yi as there are too many houses and they don’t know where to search.

Mok Jin Woo says that he’ll ask Jae Yi where the pen is only three times. She doesn’t answer the first time and he comes near her and starts choking her, losing his calm. He stops only when she agrees to tell him where the pen is. She says that it must be in England since all the things from her childhood are there. He tells her to call her friend and ask to send it over to the university.

Mok asks how long would it take to arrive and Jae Yi says that it would take about three days. Sun Jae gets a call from his friend in the Missing Person Team. He heard that Jae Yi went missing but got the information that she called her friend in England just now. Her friend contacted him, saying that Jae Yi isn’t answering the phone and asked to send over the fountain pen.

Jae Yi is with Mok and looks around the house when she gets a chance. There’s a drawing on the wall of a mother and her kid. Our team is at the police station and they call Jae Yi’s friend. She suspected that something was wrong because the desk where Jae Yi said the pen was, didn’t have any drawers like she said.

Sun Jae asks the woman to send them the pen. He thinks that Jae Yi was trying to buy some time for them to locate her. They plan to catch Mok Jin Woo when he comes to the university to retrieve the pen. Until then he won’t do anything to Jae Yi, so they have three days to thoroughly plan the stakeout.

Mok offers Jae Yi some water but she refuses and instead asks him a question whether the picture on the wall was drawn by him. He must’ve lived here with his mother once. She tells him that it was him and not Jung Ho Young, who had the obsession with skirts and it was him who saw his mother in the women he killed. He’s the one who got a specific type of women he murdered, not Jung Ho Young.

Jae Yi asks what kind of a person was his mother. Mok Jin Woo looks around the house and remembers his childhood. He was at home, reading a comic book about Bridal Mask (yes, that one), who was his hero. He called his mom when he finished the comic and she came to the attic annoyed. She was smoking and all dressed up with heavy makeup on. She seemed angry at first but called her kid to eat with her.

Jae Yi asks if his mother often wore stockings and skirts and went out to meet with men. He must’ve waited for her to come home and gradually started to hate her for leaving him alone. These words seem to affect Mok as he remembers how he drew the picture on the wall. He wanted to show it to his mother but she dressed up and left for work. Later that night when she came home with a foreign man, she saw all of her clothing torn and cut.

Jae Yi says that he killed women in stockings because they reminded him of his mother. Mok seems to be greatly affected by her words but tries to compose himself, saying that they had to die for a reason. That makes Jae Yi laugh as she says that he’s the same a Jung Ho Young, who killed women because he wanted to. Mok screams that he is different and all these women were guilty.

She asks what did they do wrong and he says that they shouldn’t have wandered around at night. As for Sun Jae’s mother, she smiled at another man and wouldn’t be able to raise a child properly. Jae Yi laughs at the ridiculous explanation and says that he killed them because he simply wanted to, because he enjoyed killing them, just like Jung Ho Young.

Mok is shaking in rage and shock. His looks as if he finally faced the truth about his disgusting nature. Jae Yi asks if he wants to kill her too and even encourages him so that he can see that he simply likes to kill. She screams at him to kill her and he barely contains his rage, before storming off outside. He takes deep, shaky breaths as he remembers coming to his mom’s workplace (basically a red-light district).

She gave teenage Mok the Noel fountain pen as a present for entering middle school and told him to be good to his grandmother. The woman called a taxi for Mok and the driver told him that kids shouldn’t come to such places. Mok’s mother went to entertain men and the taxi driver insulted her which made Mok furious. He assaulted the driver with his fountain pen, screaming that his mother isn’t that kind of woman.

In the present, he repeats the same thing, seeming not quite in the best state of mind. Our team with other policemen plan and prepare for the operation. They head out to the university and take their places. Mok Jin Woo leaves Jae Yi inside the house and takes a taxi to the university. Our team is checking the surrounding when the express delivery truck arrives.

The delivery man brings a package to someone else and when Kwang Ho with Sun Jae ask if there was a package for Jae Yi, the guy answers that someone else already received it. Of course, it was Dr. Mok, who’s already going back to his hideout. We see that he listened in on their conversation at the police station, using the bug planted in the chess piece he gave to Sun Jae. Mok Jin Woo opens the package in the taxi, but there’s only a bible with a regular pen in it.

The team is back at the police station, wondering how Mok knew of their every move. Sun Jae finally notices the chess piece and finds the bug inside of it. They destroy it, but it’s already too late and Kwang Ho storms off.

Mok Jin Woo returns to the abandoned house, furious that Jae Yi tried to fool him. He asks her once more where the pen is. Kwang Ho goes to Jae Yi’s house, where he finds her whistle. He apologizes to Yeon Sook and promises to save their daughter. His gaze falls upon Jae Yi’s voice recorder and Kwang Ho listens to her last recording that contains the interview of Mok’s neighbour. That gives him an idea that Mok’s hideout might be a place that’s connected to his mother.

He and Sun Jae search for Kim JI Hye’s old home and find the address. Meanwhile, Jae Yi still refuses to say where the pen is, but Mok threatens to reveal to everyone that Kwang Ho killed the young Park and is using his identity.  She hesitates for a second but still won’t talk. That annoys Mok, who comes closer to her, saying that he should’ve killed her from the start.

Suddenly they hear police cars approach. Our team searches for Jae Yi inside the house but finds only her restraints. They run outside and Kwang Ho notices Mok, carrying Jae Yi to his car. He drives off and Sun Jae with Kwang Ho run after the car. Thankfully Jae Yi manages to jump out of Mok’s car. She’s relieved to see Kwang Ho and Sun Jae.

They bring her to the hospital, but she only sprained her ankle and didn’t sustain any major injuries. The three of them go back to Jae Yi’s house, where she takes the pen from inside the teddy bear and gives it to them. Jae Yi wonders why Mok Jin Woo was so obsessed with finding the pen and didn’t kill her so that she could tell him where it was. That gets everyone curious because the pen must mean something special to the murderer.

The forensics examine the pen the next day and the results finally arrive. Yoon Da Young’s and Nam Jun Hee’s DNA was found on it as well as Mok Jin Woo’s DNA and fingerprints. Our team wonders where could the culprit be.

Jae Yi goes to the house where she was confined to look around in detail for any other clues. She goes to the attic that was Mok Jin Woo’s room. It still has some things from his childhood there like the Bridal Mask comics. Jae Yi finds an old journal and looks through it.

Mok goes to his church where he remembers how a soldier showed him a tattoo of the many people he killed during the Vietnam war. He also told Mok Jin Woo that they should get rid of all the dirty people and the idea seemed inspiring to our soon to be murderer. Teenage Mok visited his mother in the hospital but came too late because she was already dead. He asked her if she died because she was dirty. Her funeral seemed to become the turning point for him.

Our team is having a meeting where Sun Jae predicts that Mok Jin Woo won’t stop killing and will soon go after women again. It will likely happen in Hwayang since it’ll be hard for the murderer to get rid of his habit. The team wonders where could the next place of murder be. Sun Jae marks on the map the places that last victims visited and they all end up being near the Hwayang University.

The police forces patrol the area as our team prepares to catch Mok. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho notice a strange guy following a woman to the park. They go after him and attack, but it’s just a random dude. Kwang Ho remembers Jae Yi’s words that the pen must be exceptionally important to Mok. He realizes that she might be in danger because Mok will likely return to find out where the pen is.

Jae Yi arrives at her place and notices a presence behind her. It’s none other than Mok Jin Woo, who attacks her and starts choking her. He says that just like Kwang Ho took away the most precious thing of his, he’ll get rid of Jae Yi because she’s most important to Kwang Ho.


This was an intense episode that built a solid ground for the finale. There were some plot points here and there that came to light in recent episodes, but they didn’t distract me from the storyline. Sadly the police were shown as incompetent as ever and that’s honestly so frustrating to watch. There’s no need to dumb down the police to simply make the culprit appear very smart and cunning. Why can’t all of them be smart? That would make the story so much more interesting.

Jae Yi started to truly shine as a character in recent episodes. This time as well she showed another side of her we didn’t see yet. She was strong and fearless, she was the smart cookie of this episode. I didn’t expect that she would give a signal to her friend in England. I really thought that she decided to tell Mok where the pen was. Never thought I’d say this, but she’s cool.

Mok was an interesting killer and the writer did a good job in fleshing out his history. There was this parallel between Jung Ho Young, who was on bad terms with his mother that hated him, and Mok, who was on good terms with his mother, but both loved and hated her. She played a great role in breaking his mind. He was a normal kid, that dream to become like Bridal Mask, but because of the environment he grew up in and because of the situation with his mother became a murderer instead. It’s quite amazing how well the writer and the actor managed to portray the strong love Mok had for his mother and how much he despised her at the same time. He had to channel this hate for her on other women. By doing so he preserved the good image of his mother.