Oh, how I waited for another OST for Secret Forest/Stranger but this song totally blew my mind. I didn’t expect it to be so light and calm and wonderful. It left me giddy with excitement. Smile is the fifth OST of this superb drama, I’m a huge fan and can’t describe how good Secret Forest is. It’s been a while since a drama had affected me this much but no complaints, I’m a happy camper. Smile is a theme song of Han Yeo Jin, the heart of this drama and how she affects the brains/logic of the drama that is non-other than Hwang Shi Mok. They are so adorable whenever they appear on screen, their interactions give me high blood pressure, lol. The song was also meant to describe the good-hearted and righteous nature of Yeo Jin and how she makes Shi Mok feel at ease whenever he’s with her. It’s a wonderful choice of a song for her character, do check it out below. All the shippers of this couple can squeal with delight as tvN has made a nice video for this OST 😉 I’m a shameless shipper myself, so excuse me for being this biased, I can’t help it. Each episode seems like a treasure hunt for Shi Mok’s smiles and I love that the catalyst is always Yeo Jin.