Love is… is a very short web drama, if you can even call it that. I’d say it’s just one big commercial for Tiffany&Co.  It’s basically 3 love stories told in 6 minutes each. The main reason to watch is the leads – Lee Dong Wook, Yook Sung Jae and singer Gray (Lee Seong Hwa). Other than that, you can definitely skip it, because there’s not much to comprehend.

Episode 1: First Smile

Yook Sung Jae works at two part-time jobs – a barista in a coffee shop and a consultant at Tiffany & Co jewelry store. He’s currently in a relationship with his cute girlfriend and wants to prepare a special gift for her. He asks his colleague to recommend him some jewelry that’ll show his girlfriend how much she means to him. Sung Jae settles for a golden necklace in the form of a smile and gifts it to his girlfriend, reminiscing the first day she smiled at him. Afterwards, they go on a date and the camera smoothly switches to our next story…

Episode 2: My One and Only

Gray is driving his fancy car to a meeting and gets a call from his girlfriend, who wants to meet today but gets rejected. The scene switches to him recording music at his studio. His girlfriend arrives but he doesn’t hear her because of the headphones, so she waits until he’s finished with his work. When he finally notices her, they spend some time together listening to the music he made. Scene switches to them in a café. Gray came late and his girlfriend seems sad that they haven’t been spending much time together because he’s always busy with work. As he walks her home later that day, she wonders if he even loves her. Gray doesn’t seem too happy about the situation either, knowing that he messed up.

A few days later his girlfriend goes to the club where he’s DJing and sees him absentmindedly putting his hand around some random girl’s shoulder. They lock eyes and she starts to leave when Gray stops her. She says that he made her feel lonely even when she’s with him, but Gray explains that she’s the most important one for him. He opens a present he prepared for her, it’s a black bracelet, and the girl seems happy with his answer. They leave the club as a happy couple when someone suddenly takes a photo of them…

Episode 3: Just the Two of Us

Dong Wook is a photographer working on a jewelry pictorial. He invites his female friend to see a movie. His voiceover tells us that she is his perfect partner, he feels very comfortable around her but he’s in the friendzone and hasn’t yet tried to move their relationship past that point. After the movie, they talk about their not so lucky love life. His recent blind date didn’t work out and her colleague ended up not being her type. A few days later they spend some time at the library, where she wonders what’s wrong with him since he seems sad. She casually tells him that she decided to go out with her colleague after all and Dong Wook’s face falls immediately.

He realizes that it took him a long time to notice her as a woman, so maybe she has a hard time to view him as a man as well. The next day he invites her to his studio where he proceeds to take photos of her. She wonders what’s gotten into him and he simply answers that he missed her, but didn’t have any photos of her. He finally confesses his feeling to her and offers her rings that he prepared. To Dong Wook’s surprise, she tells him that she waited so long for this moment. They exchange rings at their first ever proper date. End.

Whelp, that’s one way of being extra at making a jewelry commercial. The first story lacked substance although I enjoyed Yook Sung Jae on my screen. The second story was better but ended kinda iffy since one bracelet was all it took to magically make the relationship work again. The last story was my favorite on its own but of course, Lee Dong Wook made it ten times better. I liked how it was directed with one story’s ending being a starting point for the next. If you’re a fan of the leads, then maybe give it a try, it’s a fast watch after all.