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Tunnel Episode 16 Recap (FINAL)

Tunnel wrapped up its run with a strong ending that tied everything up nicely and gave closure to the victims and their families. Mok received the punishment he deserved and Kwang Ho returned to the past to make everything right. If every drama had such wonderful endings I would be the happiest viewer alive. Do prepare tissues because the final episode of Tunnel is full of freshly cut onions. EPISODE 16 RECAP – FINAL Dr. Mok attacks Jae Yi inside the house and starts choking her. We get a flashback of how Jae Yi found Mok’s journal and read...

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Tunnel Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 finally unveils Mok Jin Woo’s history. Many questions get answered in this hour and we get to see the reason why Mok became a murderer. Jae Yi faces danger twice in one episode, but will our team save her in time? EPISODE 15 RECAP The episode starts with Dr. Mok happily exiting the university. He plans to go on “vacation” and prepares his murder weapons. He narrates that he found peace after 30 years, but one night young Park Kwang Ho followed him to the tunnel, where he sat smoking a cigarette like he always did after...

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Tunnel Episode 12 Recap

In this episode, the good guys get very close to uncovering the real criminal, responsible for the murders 30 years ago. Kwang Ho figures it out before others thanks to his outstanding detective intuition and 10-year expertise in the field. He fights to the death with Dr. Mok, but this confrontation has an unexpected ending that none saw coming. Meanwhile, Jae Yi has to come to terms with the truth about Kwang Ho being her father. EPISODE 12 RECAP Jung Ho Young gets visited by Dr. Mok, but doesn’t recognize him. At first, he thinks that it must be...

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Tunnel Episode 11 Recap

It’s time to put an end to the story of Jung Ho Young and Sun Jae puts everything on the line to get the killer behind bars. He finally reaches his ultimate goal, but the resolution doesn’t bring comfort to anyone because the murderer manages to avoid his rightful punishment. The good guys will have to step up their game to catch the real bad guy they’ve been hunting down for so long. EPISODE 11 RECAP Kwang Ho sees the whistle necklace on Jae Yi and asks where did she get it. As the realization dawns on him, he...

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Tunnel Episode 10 Recap

This episode has even more surprises waiting for Kwang Ho. The good guys prepare a massive operation to catch Jung Ho Young, who end up being smarter and sneakier. Jae Yi learns an important lesson today and gets a reality check that might get her killed. EPISODE 10 RECAP The episode starts with Dr. Mok happily taking a walk and enjoying the sunlight. He narrates that there are some people who hide in the light and not in darkness. 4 months ago. Dr. Mok is examining the victim from our first episode – Kim Min Ja, who was the survival...

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