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Tunnel Episode 9 Recap

Have you ever wondered how a person becomes a murderer? Then watch this episode and you’ll see how Jung Ho Young became a serial killer and what drove him to kill these women. Episode 9 dropped a big surprise, showing the viewers that the story still has a lot of twists and turns. The director promised that the second half of the drama will significantly pick up the pace and he surely didn’t lie. EPISODE 9 Year 1992. Yeon Sook has finished work and takes a taxi home, hurrying to her daughter. A drunk driver falls asleep at the...

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Tunnel Episode 8 Recap

What an emotional rollercoaster this episode was. Kwang Ho went through hell and back in a span of a single day. We’ve learned the bitter truth about Yeon Sook’s disappearance and her daughters past. This episode circled around families of our heroes and their feelings, proving to be the most emotionally draining so far. EPISODE 8 RECAP Sun Jae’s father is shocked to have met Kwang Ho in the police station, while his son asks how do they know each other. Just as the father starts to say about what happened 30 years ago, Sung Shik interrupts him. He...

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Tunnel Episode 7 Recap

In this episode, we find out what happened with the young Park Kwang Ho after his disappearance. The cases and people involved in them get even more tangled up. Kwang Ho can’t keep his identity secret anymore as more and more people find out who he really is. Jae Yi remembers a crucial moment from her childhood, giving us a clue about her past and her birth mother specifically. EPISODE 7 RECAP Park88 is chased by a car on the streets of Seoul. He remembers how a man injected something into his neck before he ran away. The other...

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Tunnel Episode 6 Recap

The case of the day deals with identity theft, showing how scary it can be and how horrible the consequences are. Aside from an interesting case, this episode is filled with cute moments between our team members. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho finally learn to work as partners even though it might not last long with the discovery of Park88’s dead body. EPISODE 6 RECAP Kwang Ho goes to the crossroad where he first met Park88. He remembers that there was a car chasing after him and wonders why. Later Kwang Ho arrives at the police station where Sung...

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Tunnel Episode 5 Recap

We get a glimpse of Sun Jae’s backstory this episode to better understand him and his motivations. The emotionless masks that he and Jae Yi kept wearing in the beginning start to slowly fade away as they get closer and learn to make friends and open up to other people, including Kwang Ho. EPISODE 5 RECAP Sun Jae stands under the pouring rain, looking at the place where the woman was murdered in the last episode. Doctor Mok gets a call from Sun Jae, who asks to see the autopsy results of the murder victim from Haein river since...

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