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Tunnel Episode 3 Recap

In this episode, Kwang Ho dealt with his first murder case in the present. The poor victim that survived a murder attempt thirty years ago ended up dying at the hands of an unstable individual. Kwang Ho learned a lot about the new investigation techniques and got better acquainted with his new teammates. Sun Jae and Jin Yi also showcased their skills. EPISODE 3 RECAP This episode starts out in the past, where the murderer is sitting near his fifth victim in the middle of a field. He checks if she’s dead and leaves, but after a few minutes...

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Tunnel Episode 1 Recap

The successor of Voice came crashing down on us last Saturday. It’s entirely different, but one thing remains the same – a thrilling story with interesting characters. The first episode wasted no time, jumping right into the action with a gruesome serial murder case that happened in 1985. It was set in the past, giving us a glimpse of how it all began and introducing the main lead and his story. EPISODE 1 RECAP We start out with Kwang Ho chasing a suspect in a long and dark tunnel. He loses him midway, but the guy appears behind him...

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Tunnel Episode 2 Recap

This episode switches the setting to the present. Kwang Ho must come to terms with his situation and figure out what to do in this strange and unfamiliar world around him. Thankfully for Kwang Ho, there are familiar people in the present. We get introduced to other main characters that will play a major role in the future. Our team gets formed from the very begging and everyone is interesting, having something special about them. EPISODE 2 RECAP Kwang Ho wakes up in the tunnel, his head bloody. He goes out of the tunnel and we see the air...

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Voice Episode 16 Recap (FINAL)

I’m sad to let Voice go, but it’s time for our team to face Tae Gu and his father head on. A confrontation between them is inevitable and the bad guys have gone unpunished for too long. Kwon Joo and Jin Hyeok gather their strength to catch Tae Gu, who completely loses control and his grip on reality. Who will survive and come out victorious in this ruthless fight for justice is not set in stone, but the Golden Time Team gives it their all to the very end. FINAL EPISODE 16  – For the Last Golden Time Part 2 Kwon...

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Voice Episode 15 Recap

This episode is all about Dae Shik and his tragic story of how he became the mole for the bad guys. We get a glimpse of his motivation and his breaking point. Jin Hyeok gets into a confrontation with his closest friend, leaving both of them miserable. Tae Gu’s past gets revealed a bit more, showing us that there’s more to his story than we thought. EPISODE 15 – For the Last Golden Time Hope sees the invisible, feels the untouchable, and achieves the impossible. – Helen Keller Jin Hyeok shows Tae Gut the container keys he found earlier and...

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