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Voice Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of Voice is by far the best one yet, keeping you on your toes the entire hour. The new case deals with rapists who post videos of abuse on their website, killing the victims afterwards. Kwon Joo gets too close to uncovering the truth and gets in a life threatening situation. Will Jin Heyok and the team rescue her in time? EPISODE 4 – Ringing from the Darkness: The Secret of the Chocolate Box The episode starts with a company of young men having a drink below a bridge in Sungwun. Suddenly a man falls right beside...

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Voice Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of Voice we finally get to know the truth behind the gruesome murder case from three years ago. Jin Hyeok has a hard time believing Kwon Joo’s words, but her story seems too real to be a lie. Before all of that, they still have a pending issue – saving Ah Ram from his psycho family, but their story is not what it seems to be on the surface.  EPISODE 3 The episode picks up where we left off last week – Jin Hyeok and the team continue their search for Ah Ram, after checking...

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Voice Episode 2 Recap

After a thrilling first episode Voice continues to keep you on your toes in its second episode. This time we’re dealing with child abuse as our leads try to desperately rescue a little kid from his psychotic mother, who tried to kill him multiple times. The boy is injured and the time is running out for our heroes. Will they make it in time? EPISODE 2 – TWO FACED HEALER The episode starts with a recap of previous events. 10 minutes have passed after the incident occurred. Bok Nim wakes up near her assailant, who’s choosing the weapon to...

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Voice episode 1 recap

The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Voice premiered this week, leaving me with incredible excitement and curiosity at what’s to come. First episode arrived with a bang, bringing in all the good stuff OCN’s known for. The cinematography is great, the plot is solid, acting is top-notch, giving you a thrilling story that was inspired by true events. EPISODE 1 We start out with a severely beaten woman (Heo Ji Hye) running barefoot through secluded streets, a black hooded man pursuing her. She trips and falls, dropping a lunch box on the ground. Thankfully the man...

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